Sometimes It Is Not About YOU!

itsnotaboutyouFriends, family, relationships. These may be difficult and emotional subjects in our life! On a good day we can be very emotional about our relationships.

Today God in His great Mercy has taught me a lesson!  I usually take it personally when a friend or family member makes it clear that they do not wish to interact with me. I mean…it is ME that they do not want to talk with or spend time with, whatever the case may be. So yeah, I take it like it has something to do with me!

On to the lesson!

Today I was talking to a friend, someone I had not talked to in a while ( seems I have done that a lot lately) while I had a great conversation, and it was so nice to catch up, after we ended our phone call I was left with some questions. These questions did not even relate to her, it is just that she is the second person in as many days that I have had the pleasure of sharing a phone conversation with and that caused me to wonder about another friend who has dropped off the radar ( and she does this often) . Lately I have reached out but there is nothing coming back. When I talk to her on the phone she seems to want to hang up before we even get started talking!  We do best in person.  Anyway, long story short I was wondering recently if I had done something to cause her to be upset. Whenever a friend or family member changes habits of communication with me, suddenly I am left wondering if I did something offensive to them.Do you do that? Think it’s you? Always go to the dreaded…”what did I do to them?” place in your mind? I kept reaching out with no replies and then when the reply finally came it was short and polite and didn’t refer to any of the previous conversations that I attempted to have.  That is when I realized this has nothing to do with me.

Seems like a pretty simple little epiphany, right? Well maybe it is a no brainer but it really caused me to have an aha moment. This person is always causing me to wonder what is really going on with us? One minute I think “wow, this is great!” and the next minute without warning I am back at ” What did I do to them?”  Guess what? It is not about me!  Obviously sometimes people who seem to have it together on the outside really don’t! And no matter what you do these things will sometimes happen. We need to stop trying to figure them out and just keep moving on. Always be available if they want to reach out! As long as it is not a drain on your resources then be available and be an encourager to this person! Maybe you need to guard your soul a little, just do not guard it so much that you miss it if they decide to trust you and treasure you the way you do them.