Do you believe that you can be forgiven? I am not speaking only of a Godly forgiveness. Do you believe people can forgive you? Your parents? Your friends?  I think the answer to this question mostly is yes. We believe others can forgive us. Maybe when we are in the throes of the pain caused by our transgression we would candidly scream out that ” so and so will never forgive me!”  but we all know forgiveness is possible. Our parents have forgiven us many things I am sure. I can remember lying or committing some other transgression for which I was ultimately forgiven, whether by my parents, a teacher, a friend ,whomever. The fact is it has happened. I have this experience.

When I break it down to this simple idea then I move on to……learning from example. We learn from example, right?  If that is true, and it is especially true while growing up, then by experiencing forgiveness; a thing that we can see/feel, something that we can apply to our life, then what we have learned is that forgiveness is possible.  It is our experience.  (Although we stubbornly tend to forget this experience.) And who among us can say that we have never witnessed or experienced forgiveness?

SO if we accept that forgiveness is possible, at least in our rational moments, then there is no reason that we should believe it is impossible for us to forgive others.  I hear people say they do not believe it is possible for them to forgive someone. I guess all I have to say is; if we have been forgiven we can forgive.  We have seen it happen, we have the blueprint, it is no secret.  I did not say it is easy, all I said is it is possible and we know it.

If God forgives, and we strive to live a more God like life, then shouldn’t we at least try to forgive others? Even those that we consider the worst among us?  Yes, it is true!! We can’t pick and choose who to forgive, it is what it is, forgiveness. And what it is is a toxic waste that will destroy us from the inside out of we let it! If we do not identify it in our bodies, in our hearts and souls, then it will grow and ultimately kill us…..or at least kill that special part of us that connects us to all that is good. Get rid of the toxicity, let go of the grudge and UN-forgiveness.

Try Love instead of hate… conquers all and makes the impossible possible!

We are forgiven therefore we can forgive!

~ Christine