The Sun Does Not Shine Today


The sun is not shining today- I feel that is appropriate. Is it shinning anywhere?

I woke up this morning, nothing had changed. It was not a nightmare. Those children in CT and in China as well as the adults ….. They were still gone or hurt. Violently, senselessly. It is hard to wrap my head around the devastation the families must feel!

As I said yesterday, today my prayers continue for all those affected by the senseless violence recently ( not forgetting there is senseless violence every day) but I also start praying for us, the rest of us who need to stop being consumed by the sadness and send our hope, faith, and strength to all the families left behind who need it.

We can do that for them. While they can’t do it for themselves.

I pray that a sense of ” knowing” their loved ones are in a better place, being loved, comes over them. I send them all my love and all the strength I can gather for them.
Peace and Love- Christine