Be Happy Anyway…..


People will find reasons to knock you. There will always be someone, somewhere, who is going to find fault for something you have said, done, or wrote. That is  just the way it is.

Does that give us a pass to be unkind? Or Selfish? Or to lie down and give up? No! Be happy, kind, successful anyway! Despite the haters! Because of them! If that gives you motivation then I say  ” go for it!”

We can’t make everyone happy all the time but we can make us happy when we want!  It is our choice!

Yesterday I was looking through some pretty amazing stats on my FB page. I was happy with the numbers I was seeing when something caught my eye, this something said “negative feedback”  I do not know what exactly this means, other than the obvious! I did a little research and found that it specifically meant what I thought it did……it was the amount of people who either “hid” my post or said something negative about it.

😦                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   At first it bothered me a little, but then I figured you can’t please everyone all the time! And since my post was positive and uplifting I knew in this case that really applies!!
So I chose to forget about it and be happy! Why ruin my happiness over the numbers I was seeing on my page? Exactly!

This is just a minor example of ways that my happiness would’ve been stolen from me in the past! I would have allowed those stats to bother me into complete obsessive unhappiness while I tried to figure out why someone disliked my post! (Smile)  Not any more!

I hope you too can know when to just tune out the negative and choose to be happy! Because there will always be people around who want to steal your happiness!

Love and Peace~ Christine

4 thoughts on “Be Happy Anyway…..

  1. Boy did ever need this today! I just had a big situation with people telling flat-out lies about me! I’m not even there to defend myself. Fortunately God placed a wonderful friend to advocate for me. But I will have to live with those lies. It’s so easy to want to vindicate. But I will have to stand firm and trust God.
    Thanks for this wonderful reminder!


    • You’re welcome! I am happy it came to you at a time when it was meaningful! I am sorry you have the situation you have to deal with! People will do the darndest things for sure!
      At least you have your friend…that is a good thing! And yes, God will give you that strength to continue on, choose happiness over vindication ! Better to be happy than right …..sometimes right just doesn’t pay off!
      Thank you for reading and commenting! I appreciate it.
      Peace~ Christine


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