A Little Consideration Goes A Long Way……


Pet peeve time! I promise that even though I am being negative here I will end on a positive note! Fair? OK.

So, why are people so inconsiderate of others on the internet? I mean if I were in the same room with you and there were a few of us talking together we would include each other in said conversation unless one of us walked away or ended it some other way. Why then do people feel it is OK to start a conversation, or include someone in a conversation, only to proceed to ignore them publicly while interacting with others? I see this all the time on FB and blogs, while it irritates me, worse is that it makes me feel bad for the person who was so unceremoniously dropped from the conversation without a goodbye or kiss my A** !  ***And I’m tired of the lame excuse that “it gets really busy on there and you miss peoples` comments!” Lame, lame, lame! Just stop saying that…..it is silly. I use these social media sites and I know whats what. (SMILE) It can happen occasionally, but routinely I think you are sending a message.

Manners and ethics matter on the internet just as much as in person. Why can’t people get it through their head that words and actions matter? OR is it a true snub? Are people showing their true colors, feelings, for others when they do this? And if so should we be taking a cue from it all and moving along down the road when so-called friends show us that we are not friends after all?  Just thinking out loud here!

So I promised a positive note! ALrighty then. I guess it would be cheating if it were just some positive unrelated quote or comment! I mean after all isn’t the challenge finding a positive about the negative situation? OK. Lets see!

On a positive note God has a way of showing us who and what is important in our lives! And it is awesome that we have the choice to either let this bother us ( ME) or NOT!  Alright, I choose not! Moving on down the road! 

~Peace and lots of Love from Christine who is currently moving on down the road!