I’m Just Not That Deep…….

As I sit here reading through other blogs, ( and I want you to know they are great!) I feel like I am just not that deep! I look at my posts and feel that they are rather shallow. Not very soulful for a Soul searching blog! As I browse through these other blog posts I see such beautiful words strung together with such deep emotion!  I am just not that deep!

But I think I really am that deep! I just think I have been in a rut of late. And I want to thank you all for allowing me to see what has happened to me! By sharing your words with the world and thereby with me, you have given me the gift of awareness!

Thank you!

I am going to work on this!

I have a lot of words inside of me that are wanting to get out! I have ignored them for a few months now and I feel as if maybe they are bubbling to the surface. One can hope!

In the meantime thank you all for writing and allowing all of us to share in the beauty of your words!

Peace and Love~ Christine