Giving Is Not Just For The Recipient!

Giving is an energy that not only helps others but also creates even more for the person who is doing the giving. This is a natural law that is true regardless of whether the person who is giving wants or even realizes what is occurring. ~ Richard Carlson

The act of Giving is a wonderful gift God has given to us! Wow…a Lot of Giving going on! I guess that is because it is one of the most powerful things that we can do in our lives to give of ourselves to others. Whether it be money, time, or material items, giving is an act that creates amazing energy (emotion) for everyone involved. If you have not had the blessing to experience what I am talking about then maybe you can take a minute this week and give of yourself to someone and see what happens.

Remember; it can be anything! Big or small…no matter! Just DO IT. 🙂

Much Peace and Love~Christine