Wednesday Morning Can We Get Back To NORMAL?


I do not know why our country has to act so blessedly crazy in an election year! BUT….I just want to know 1 thing! Wednesday morning can we all just wake up, say a prayer for our president, and get back to getting along?

It is so sad the amount of my “friends” on Facebook and other Social Media sites that I have seen get angry and worse! Because they do not have the same political views!

I am tired of the division that our politics create in this country!

I am going to pray that we, as a country, try to figure out a way to proceed into the future as ONE country under God.

PEACE and Love ya all! ~ Christine

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning Can We Get Back To NORMAL?

  1. Politics should never divide friendships. Unfortunately some let it do exactly that. I love a good debate but I would NEVER dissolve a friendship over it. After all, out Founders disagreed on many issues yet remained united as a nation. My own personal opinion is we let our politicians do this to us by defining us into groups. We are all AMERICANS and perhaps need to remind them of that.


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