Helping Others Helps Me…


I help others by listening, encouraging, sharing wisdom and by using my intuition. It does not matter what your gift is…..what matters is that you use it to help others!
Some days I can get several calls, texts, or emails from others who need some type of help with situations that they feel are beyond their control. People feel I am a good one to talk to when they are distressed, angry, sad, etc…..
I am blessed to be able to listen without being drawn in and letting it drain my energy. You have to be careful, when helping others in this manner, that you do not become too drained spiritually.
I’m careful. This is what I do. This is what I want to do…. Forever.
It’s late and I’m rambling. But I’m content and I’m grateful tonight for what it is that I do.

One last thought for you ! Everyday I have some thoughts that I write about, not necessarily here, but i write none the less! Here is a thought I had today!

Be the change you want to see!!! For real change to take place there must be a shift in perspective ! A change in the way you see things, yourself or others.

And help others as often as you can! That in itself will change your life.

Helping others is a lot like forgiveness! It’s more for you than them!
Peace and Love~Christine

2 thoughts on “Helping Others Helps Me…

  1. I agree with the sentiment that when I am down, it helps to do something for someone else.
    I just began crocheting a blanket for my neice/nephew, due in late February. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Definitely 90% for me! The crocheting is soothing, and as I work I think, anticipate, get excited for his/her arrival. I hope the child will feel my love whenever it is wrapped up in the soft, warm yarn. ❤


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