If You Don’t Have Time For Breakfast…..Eat Fast Food?!?!

I was watching a show on TV this morning and I just had to say something!! I was, to say the least, appalled, by the opener!

It was a show about fast food. It opened by saying something to the effect of, most people do not have time for breakfast so what is the next best thing? A fast food breakfast!

Really? A fast food breakfast is the next best thing to taking time to make breakfast at home? Well, I do agree that FAST is preferable to cooking!

What I want to say is –

There is an alternative FAST FOOD to the fat filled examples in the pic above! And that is??  A Meal replacement shake!

There are plenty of meal replacement shakes which make it easier to have breakfast. I drink Visalus. I love it and now I eat breakfast everyday.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It is what wakes your organs up in the morning after your rest. It “breaks” your “fast” ! Your body has slumbered and revved on a lower level than it does during the day. Your organs need something healthy, early on, after you wake up to get it going!! YES, it is the hardest meal for people to eat, mostly because of convenience or lack of it. I think a meal replacement shake is the answer!

Whether you drink Visalus ( if you do not know what it is feel free to ask me) or another protein/meal replacement drink, please, if you are not a breakfast person ( unless it comes in a fast food bag) drink your breakfast before you decide to fast food it!

Shakes are easy! My mother, who I have tried to get to eat breakfast for the last 10 years, now drinks a shake every morning. Introducing a meal replacement shake into her diet has literally changed her life. She told me yesterday that in her entire life she has never eaten breakfast ( she has battled weight issues for most of her adult life) now that she is drinking the shakes she not only eats breakfast, she can’t imagine missing breakfast! And…..she is losing weight and feels better!

Can’t argue with that!

OK, so this show got me started!! Now I am stopping!!

Eat/drink your breakfast! Save the fast food for later in the day, if at all!  🙂  You know I had to throw in the “if at all”

Peace and Love~ Christine