NO!! It Is Not Over! As The Tooth Turns……One More Episode!

When last we saw Christine she was in love with her dentist and enjoying the road to recovery after having the offending tooth removed…..”good riddance” she said!  But…what is this? What has happened to put a dark cloud over Christine’s celebration?
 Cue dramatic background music.…… Enter….DRY SOCKET! DA DA DA DAAAAAAAAAA! <——- dramatic music!

Ok, enough playing! Do not feel bad for me because, as I write this, I feel so much better! But, when I was writing the last installment, of what I am sure is a very interesting ongoing saga, the pain started to worsen! What, I thought, could this be? Why is the pain in my jaw growing worse? Hmmmm I do not want Ibuprofen any longer I want the Vicodin! And guess what? After all that the Ibuprofen worked better! LOL  ** Remember that for future reference. Ibuprofen not Vicodin!

Yes, I went to the Dentist, where I found him to be as lovely as ever, and he confirmed that there was a bit of debris in the socket ( not entirely bad because there was still some clot left so it was somewhat stable.) So we decided; no anesthetic packing!  Then he discovered that there was a bit of an infection starting in again. You will remember that the offending tooth originally had an awful infection from the fracture in the tooth. Well, apparently removing the tooth was not enough. He gave me a prescription for antibiotic, but seeing as this would be round 3 of antibiotics in 4 weeks I asked if I could wait a few days to start. See if I could fight it myself! He said yes because he is awesome!

So here I am waiting for the infection to go away, in moderate pain, but taking my Ibuprofen. It is OK.  It could be worse! And guess what??

I am so grateful for how things are and for the beautiful day and for my awesome dentist!!

Thank you!

Peace and Love~ Christine