As The Tooth Turns….the final chapter. Or Is It?


When last we saw Christine she was still in pain and awaiting a dental appointment to extract the offending tooth! Did she have the tooth extracted?  Is she now pain-free? Does she still love her dentist?? Let us rejoin Christine now, as we continue with another episode of ….As The Tooth Turns!


Alright folks, here it is! The final chapter in the saga that I am lovingly calling As The Tooth Turns!

So, I went to the dentist on Monday at my appointed time, having taken a little tiny pill before hand, and then once there they gave me 2 more pills crushed up and put under my tongue.  Better to get to the blood and make me loopy!  I really did not feel anything! I thought other than being a little tired, I was good to go! I was hoping that when he gave me the Nitrous Oxide it would take me over the edge, where I needed to be,  to let this kind man take a look ( and more) at my tooth!

Well, I think I was a little more out of it than I knew. Imagine! HA!  All I can say is he did the work, I remember it, kind of. But what I do not remember is any pain! I remember him propping my mouth open ( boy does it hurt today!!) and I remember him cleaning my teeth, filling my back molar, very small cavity, and then “wiggling” my 1st molar out! Wiggle…wiggle…wiggle!! That is all I remember…a lot of wiggling! But no pain!

Best experience I have ever had at the dentist. So YES..I still love my new dentist!

And so ends this episode of “As The Tooth Turns” !  And hopefully the end of my dental problems!

At least for a while!  A long while!

Peace and Love~ Christine