My Facebook Rant……..

Recently I’ve read posts on Facebook that have me thinking!

What follows is my post today about these things.  A little background you ask? OK. I am a meal replacement junky! There I admit it. Whew!  Really, I have tried 3 different meal replacement shakes, not including Atkins and Slim Fast.  What can I say? I enjoy drinking my meals. I like not having to think about what I am having beyond what flavor I will drink! I enjoy the health benefits and the energy boost. I want to be fit and healthy for many years to come!  I feel keeping my weight down and exercise is what will give me the edge!

Being that I have tried 3 different shakes, this means I have had the privilege of getting to know 3 different companies and the people who run them, work for them.   So this is what lead to my rant…….


As anyone who knows me is aware I have tried several different meal replacement shakes over the last 2 years. I have a strange palate in that I enjoy a lot of different flavors, not necessarily ones that others could say they truly enjoy! LOL Having experience with different products and companies I guess I could say negative things about the other nutritional companies. I could make comparisons,
other than to say this one is my preference. I could get down with saying that the others are lying or misrepresenting, because that seems to be the attitude today….bash the others so somehow that makes us look good. There is no possibility that some people like my product and some people like yours and it is all good?! No, yours and theirs must be lying, they must be inferior products. There are so many nutritional companies out there trying to help with the obesity epidemic in America, and the nutritional problems all over the world,that I say BRAVO to all the companies that are making an effort to help others!! I say do not bash! but encourage people to make a choice! If it is not my company…then SOME company! Get the nutritional support that you and your family needs TODAY!

Integrity people….we all need some integrity when it comes to our lives and our business.

“A mode of conduct, a standard of courage, discipline, fortitude and integrity can do a great deal to make a woman beautiful.”~Jacqueline Bisset

OK- climbing down!

OH*** and exercise!! Move people…move! Move it or lose it is what I say! OK…..stepping away from the BOX! 🙂

I LOVE you ALL! xoxo

So there it is folks! Unedited for grammar or quality!  In all its glory! My morning rant about integrity in business.

Peace and Love~ Christine

P.S.- is a company a “who” or a “that” ?   ie; ” I say BRAVO to all the companies that are making an effort to help others!!”    Are companies a THAT or WHO?  Which is it…..or whom….??  (SMILE)


4 thoughts on “My Facebook Rant……..

  1. Not “whom”, and “who” or “that” depends on your personal preference and the perspective from which you are addressing the companies. If you are talking more about the people associated, I’d say “who”… but I think your “that” useage fits better here. 🙂

    I enjoy drinking my meals, too. It’s kind of a problem for me, though. I’m trying to be better at eating my calories. Chewing food is good – and yeah, it involves more thought, but for me it’s more satisfying to eat something solid. (Not that I’m saying you have a problem! Some people like that. I used it to avoid feeling like I was eating… because food stressed [stresses] me out.)

    But anyway, I was drawn to this post because FACEBOOK IS SO STINKIN’ ANNOYING!! Lol. I am 23. You cannot be in my generation without 99% of your friends having a FB, and unfortunately, something like 50% of my social interactions were found there as well. Until recently. I got so sick of it that I have disabled my page, which I do from time to time, but now I have been gone about 3 weeks and have no desire to reenable it! I’ll probably end up writing a blog on my own page about that sometime soon. So I hear ya! People say things on FB they would probably never say aloud.


    • Sarah! Thank you so much for your comment! I love it! I wonder if you will enable your Facebook anytime soon? LOL
      I agree with you 100%, I also think that people say things on Facebook, as well as other social media sites and email, that they would never say in person!

      Thank you for visiting and commenting!
      Peace and Love~ Christine
      P.S.- The “whom” question was my attempt at a joke! 🙂


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