As The Tooth Turns…The Saga Continues!

OK. So as you can tell from the picture I am still in pain and having issues with my tooth! OH…wait, sorry!

When last we saw Christine she was struggling with weeks of tooth pain and wallet pain! She did not know where to turn to get good dental care at a reasonable price! She felt alone and…in pain!

OK. So I went to get a second opinion from, what turned out to be an awesome dentist! I just went to the dentist yesterday and as soon as I walked in I felt pretty good! The surroundings and people at least were proving to be very relaxing. So far so good!

Dr. Michael Spees introduced himself to me and checked out my x-rays. As it turned out my insurance would pay for a full complete set of x-rays, and since I had not had that done in a while, they took a complete set. Dr. Spees checks out the x-ray and sits down to chat with me.

When I wrote last I told you that the dentist wanted me to have 2 root canals! I had been on antibiotics for 4 weeks. My mouth on the right side was so swollen I could barely talk.

Long story short…..1’m not having any root canals! Woohoo!  He said the tooth on the left looked perfectly healthy! He did not see why I would need a root canal and the tooth on the right had such a bad fracture that he could try to save the tooth, no guarantee, but he could try. He warned me that if he was able to save it I would probably always have problems with it due to bacteria getting up there because of the fracture. OK.  So what do you think I opted to do?

Yup! Extraction! Now the other dentist told me that I would not want to extract the first molar because it is vital to chewing. This dentist told me that the first molar is the tooth that mostly gets extracted due to the fact that it is the first molar therefore you have had it the longest and it gets decay more often than the rest. Quicker anyway!

So he finishes the exam and says that when I come back (because I am using sedation) he will clean my teeth, pull the tooth and look at my lower wisdom tooth because it may have a little decay and if so he will fill that. I have no cavities ( other than the possible little bit on the wisdom tooth) ! Woohoo! Yay for that!

Am I happy? You can say that! Yeah, I am ecstatic! And I love Dr. Spees!

I will let you know how it turns out. My appointment is on the 20th!