Another Meatless Monday!

OK…usually I use all from scratch recipes and mostly organic ingredients, although you are free to use whatever you like to make your finished products, I am only pointing this out so that if you notice it here, you will know…that I am aware of the inconsistency! I am not going to worry about that because I want to share a recipe that me and my kids love!! And I may have it for dinner! **Guess that depends on what happens at the dentist!

I degrees…….

When my kids were growing up we lived, where I grew up, in Southern California!  I lived most of my life never more than an hour from Mexico and usually about 5 minutes. Being that I grew up in this place made sure that I grew up with a Mexican influence on my tastes. And this was not just in food! If ya get my drift!  Again…I digress!

When I got married my husbands best friend was from Mexico and of course we spent a fair amount of time going to his family’s home. I had the privilege of meeting his mother. Through this friendship I learned to make traditional Mexican fair such as Tamales, Menudo, Chilaquilla, Carnitas,salsas ……etc…….

One meal that was quick and easy, that Rudy, my husband’s friend, taught me to make was Chorizo and eggs.  YUM! My kids and I had this most mornings for many years! It is a Mexican breakfast burritos! Although we ate it morning, noon, and night! And when I am watching carbs I eat it without the tortilla!

As I became more interested in organics and healthier living/eating, I hated that Chorizo and eggs was one of the items we would have to cut from our diets!!  Until I discovered……..

SOYRIZO! By Frieda’s!  100% Soy Chorizo!  And YES it is GOOD!  So here is how I make a Soyrizo breakfast burritos!

Chorizo Burritos

1 pkg Soyrizo ( or Chorizo if not going Meatless)

8 eggs beat


Use a large frying pan. Remove plastic casing from Chorizo and put into a hot skillet. If using the Soyrizo I sometimes add a little fat to the pan as it can get dry. Regular beef or pork Chorizo will have plenty of fat.  Cook until it begins to get crumbly.

Add egg mixture. You can add more or less based on your preference of chorizo to egg ratio. This is the ratio we like it!

Once the eggs cooked you have your filling for your burritos!

Warm tortillas over a flat pan or even better if you have a gas stove just put it across the open flame a couple of times. Add filling and enjoy!

Sometimes I eat it in a bowl with tortilla chips as crackers and sometimes I eat it straight with nothing but a fork! **Spoon gets more in your mouth ! (SMILE)

I hope you enjoy one of my family favorites!

Peace and Love ~ Christine