As The Tooth Turns……

As you know, IF you read my posts, I have experienced some dental problems for the last few weeks. I went to the dentist yesterday. I want to share that experience with you. If you care to, you may now join me in a segment of what I am fondly going to call ” As The Tooth Turns” please read on…….

When last we saw Christine she was experiencing terrible tooth pain after having just recovered from a tooth ache 3 weeks earlier! She was not sleeping, eating or having any FUN!

OK folks in all seriousness I have a problem that I want to discuss today that really has my panties in a bunch! Is that OK to say?

Ahem…to continue, I went to the dentist yesterday, mind you I am in so much pain that I am on Hydrocodone and Ibuprofen 24/7. I see the dentist, yes the same dentist that told me 2 weeks ago that I need a root canal on the lower left side of my mouth, #18 I believe, he now tells me that I have a fractured tooth, #30, and will need to go see a Endodontist for a root canal and then hightail it back to him for a crown. Seems straight forward……

This morning I call the Endo Doc for an emergency appointment and the first thing the receptionist tells me is that me and 10 other people would like an appointment. Well, OK. Anyway she gets me an appointment at 12:45 to an office that is about 45 miles away. I ask her some questions and tell her what I have going on. After hearing that I have a fracture of my tooth she tells me that I will probably need a CT Scan of my tooth, not to be confused with a CT Scan that you get in the hospital of your body, this is a 3D image of your tooth. She tells me that based on what they find they may or may not be able to save the tooth. If the fracture is very deep they won’t be able to salvage it and I will have to have it extracted. Oh and this 3D image will cost $150.00 out of pocket today.

So this brings up a great question! I ask what my OOP will be for the treatment if I need the root canal. She says they will call me back with that figure. OK. So she calls me back an hour later to tell me that my part will be $384 and they expect payment today before I leave the office. So….lets see if I understand. $150 today for a 3D scan and if they can save the tooth $384 to do so, for a total of $534 today. Yes she says I have it correctamundo! Opps! I forgot to add the $75.00 for Nitrous Oxide so that I do not have to remember this pleasurable experience! ( SMILE)

Hmmmm OK. Oh and YES I do have dental insurance. This is all my share! And the insurance will be paying 80%!

Then my dentist says I need to rush back over to his office so that he can place a crown which will cost me another $360. So now we are up to $894 + $75.00 for a total of $$969.00 and everyone wants their money up front.

As wonderful as I am sure you are finding this story……that is not the part that really upset me! It is just the part that caused me to get upset about something or someone else.

So I get off the phone and I feel terrible! I do not feel good about this entire situation at all. You know when something just does not resonate in you? That is how I am feeling about this situation. It is such a strong feeling that I need to take a step back to try and figure out why I feel this way. Besides the obvious!

I start googling “what do homeless people do when they get a toothache?” This is what is bothering me! I can’t imagine what people who have no home and no job do when they have dental pain. I mean here I am having the luxury of sitting at home not needing to report to a job, thanks to my beautiful husband, I can sit here and take care of myself with medicine and then see a dentist for a fix! But the homeless and lower-income do not have that luxury! This makes me sick to think of all the pain I am in, and then to think of others in the same pain, who do not have these options! What do you do when you have pain and have ZERO options? I know that large cities, and maybe all cities, run dental clinics where the homeless and poor can get dental care but can you imagine living on the streets or in a shelter and having a tooth go bad? The terrible pain of an exposed nerve when you get a broken tooth and not being able to go to the dentist!

It just made me wonder about others……

I canceled that appointment. I am not spending over $900 to do this without getting a second opinion. As soon as I made the decision to cancel my appointment the bad feeling disappeared! Not the pain!! but I can deal with that! I called another dentist and have an appointment on Monday. We will see what they say!

If you know someone who needs dental work in the Indianapolis area they can get greatly reduced dental care (And sometimes FREE if homeless) at the IU School of Dentistry. Check out their website here!

**Thank you so much to my good friend Tammy for telling me about the IU School of Dentistry!

We should all be able to have healthy teeth!! Don’t you think?

Peace,Love and many,many blessings! ~ Christine

6 thoughts on “As The Tooth Turns……

  1. Good luck on Monday! I hope you get wonderful news, terrific care, and a fraction of the bill you were quoted elsewhere, Christine. I’m rooting for you (no pun intended.)


  2. I had the exact same problem a couple of years ago, except worse because I didn’t have any dental insurance, or health or vision insurance. Fortunately, now that some of Obama’s Affordable Care Act have kicked in, I now have dental, health, and vision insurance again, after eight years without it. Dare I say, “Obama 2012”?……….lol


    • I am so glad to hear you have insurance, on all fronts!! It is so hard to think about people who do not have insurance. I do not know how the Obama reform works, I do not know if that helps homeless or not, either way, my heart does break when I think about those people having to live in pain because of money. OR lack of it.
      Thank you for your thoughts Russ!! As usual they are perfect!
      Peace and Love~ Christine


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