STOP !! ( Can’t we create a NEW Facebook? A Facebook where negative comments are outlawed ?)

STOP making everything so HARD!

Lately I have seen a lot of examples of how people make mountains out of molehills… they sweat the small stuff!

One such example – I was reading a post the other day on a friends Facebook page, never mind that it was his OWN  FB wall and that he can post anything he pleases on his own wall ( and yes I realize this is a public forum and he opens himself up to public criticism, that is really not the point of this rant…err…!), but the post was a positive one related to his personal journey with trying to eat better. He is trying to cut things out of his life to be healthier and Bravo to him for doing so!  So why am I using this as an example of my topic today? Because people, supposed friends, proceeded to tear his positive post apart looking for a reason to disprove what he posted about. Why couldn’t they just be happy that he is trying so hard to make positive changes in his life? NO! It was more important to them that they make sure to Google the facts and claim that they are not fact. They made a huge issue out of disproving him. I do not even know that they were trying to cause problems, it was just ” all about them.”

I honestly think social media is causing people to be more negative than before. I suppose it could just be me seeing their negative sides like I could not see them before, either way, I do not think this is a good thing. I do not think having a platform that encourages, or at least makes people feel encouraged, to voice their negative views is a good thing.

We need a place that encourages positive views. Can’t we create a Facebook page for positive views only? Can we outlaw negative comments? It seems that no matter how positive a post is there are people who will come along and tear it down and leave negative comments!

I know that this is a learning experience for all of us. I know that this is just another opportunity to not let the negative actions of others affect me or my positive outlook on life. And yes, that is exactly how I will come out of this. I am mostly unaffected by the negative views of others. I find it easy to walk away, most of the time, from these comments and not let them bother me. But it is not me that I worry about; I worry about those who are struggling to find a positive foothold in this world. It is the person who managed to drag himself out of bed today and put on a positive face, when it might be easier to do otherwise, only to be attacked by the uncaring words of others. When we are in a weakened state we may be easily influenced by negative people. These negative people may or may not realize just how their words so influence others. You can make or break another persons day with a smile, with a word. When you finally realize that this is indeed truth….maybe then we will see a change. Until then, I can do my part by being considerate of my words and their affect on others.  And for having a smile ready for all those that I encounter throughout my day!

Peace and Love~ Christine


2 thoughts on “STOP !! ( Can’t we create a NEW Facebook? A Facebook where negative comments are outlawed ?)

  1. Perhaps it’s as simple as the people he thought were his friends aren’t and they’ve done a huge favor for him by exposing that ugly truth. Perhaps he can focus on finding and (if he isn’t already, being a better friend) so that people who are loyal friends will be interested in being his friend–more people such as you, Christine.



    • Russ you are kind! Thank you.
      I agree, it is a good thing that he hears what these people really think. It is important to surround yourself with positive, encouraging people! Not people who tare you down, even if it is just for the sake of “information”.
      Peace and Love~ Christine


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