The Past Does Not Exist……..Does it?

Where is the past?  Is it tangible? Can you see it? Can you touch it? Or does it only exist in our minds? And if it only exists in our minds, as a thought, as a memory, then why do we let it control our day-to-day actions?  If the past is just that…..the past, then how can it affect us today, now?  It can…because we let it.

We think it!!  Therefore it exists…at least in our minds.  If we could practice “Let go and let God” then we could give this memory, our past, over to God; then start to experience a new life! A life where we move on!  We will not have any past to mess with our head, no past mistakes or whatever to hold us back!  No past to move through the day with.  That means letting go of the guilt, the anxiety, the worry, the fears, the anger……the uncertainty of it all that comes from our past experiences.  All that junk that we carry around in our heads and our hearts that get in between us and God and our future! Usually this “junk” has to do with forgiveness, of ourselves as well as others.

**Of course I am not referring to the “good stuff” that we carry around.  Yes, it also only exists in our mind, it is not here and now, but some of those memories that we carry around are really sweet and good memories. I don’t think we need be worried about those!

I am referring to the not so good stuff, the baggage type of stuff that we carry around which comes from old memories, that old tape that we run in our heads, whether it is from our own experiences or stuff that our parents and teachers experienced and were kind enough to drop on us! 🙂   It does not matter where it came from parents, self, teachers, the news??  Wherever it came from, it still got into our mind and helped to create our beliefs, our future!  Our now!  This stuff can really act as a wall between us and God! Between us and our goals! Between us and our happiness!

Today….let us start with forgiveness.  And let us ‘let go and let God”  Let’s start there. Baby steps.  We can do it!

2 thoughts on “The Past Does Not Exist……..Does it?

  1. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂 Yes, i’ll continue writing as and when I can!
    And let go and let God doesn’t only apply to forgiveness, it applies to everything else, and trusting God 🙂


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