Gratitude Journal

If you are a regular here at Our Souls Purpose you know that we believe in Gratitude Journals! With that in mind, I thought that maybe it would be nice if ( I have not checked with Deanna yet…. OOPS)  we use the blog as a gratitude journal of sorts. Maybe we can pop in here a couple of times a week and leave a post about what we are grateful for on any random day!

I’m going out on a limb here and assuming that Deanna will LOVE the idea and so I will post what I am grateful for today!

OK…so today I am grateful for….wait for it…..JackA** 3D.  Yes, you heard right! I know….I can’t believe I even watched it! Trust me I never thought I would! Here is the deal…….

It all started with my son and his fiancé coming over for a couple of days this weekend. While here my son offered me a “deal”.  To understand the significance of this deal you first need to know that my son dislikes, with a passion, having his picture taken!! He really dislikes it and will only submit to a picture if  A. it is a professional family photo that he has to be in  OR  B. it is the holidays and then he understands it has to happen.   So when he was over he turned on a TV show of outtakes from the latest JackA** movie, and we watched it. Well….my kids think I am hysterical while watching TV or more to the point my reactions are hysterical while I watch certain TV shows. Ok…so after watching this show he gets it into his head that we should watch the new movie and he will set a video camera up to document my reactions! He says if I let him do this then he will let me take pictures of him whenever and wherever I want  for the rest of his/my life!   Now I ask you how could I turn that down??!

So…you see, I am grateful for that AWFUL movie!!!  Because of it…I get pictures of my youngest at any time that I want! YAY!

So….more to the point I am grateful for children and getting to spend time with them!  Even if that means watching some crazy..oh my GOSH crazy movie!

As always- Peace and Love! Christine