Choose to Have a Better Thought!


As I was driving into a meeting today I found myself ruminating over a discussion that I had with my family the previous evening. It’s funny because at the time of the discussion, which I felt was more like an attack,  I easily  talked myself out of feeling bad or being upset, and did not give it another thought, until that moment, driving into my meeting. And think about it I did! I found myself getting all worked up as I tried to make sense of what went on the night before. I was having a full-blown conversation with my self about this so-called attack! Which was in the past…it should not even be an issue anymore! If I did not let it derail my good thoughts last night, why was I letting it do so today?

Sometimes we just need to choose to let go and have a better thought! This was one of those times! I thought about what I was doing and asked myself why I was doing it! It boggles my mind, because for a minute I am like ” leave me be!” to my inner voice!!The voice that is trying to get me to let it all go! It is like I am choosing to dwell on it!! Like I enjoy it……

It took huge effort at that moment to let it go and reach for a better thought!

In the end I decided  to take my own advice and turn on some inspirational music!  And guess what?  It worked! Before I knew it I was praising God and thanking Him for all of my blessings!

But wouldnt ya know it….I found myself thinking those same thoughts again a few minutes later!

The EGO is so strong! But the volume on my car radio is loud! And…we won!

Peace to YOU!



2 thoughts on “Choose to Have a Better Thought!

  1. Thank you for sharing this struggle. I especially loved: “The EGO is so strong! But the volume on my car radio is loud! And…we won!” Way to go! Way to WIN! To the victors go the spoils–in this case, hopefully more inner peace for you. I often struggle with my ego too!



    • (SMILE) thank you Russ! It is not always easy to share everything but I try! it is amazing to me just how strong the EGO truly is!! I guess not so amazing as frustrating!! But WINNING is GOOD! And yes….it is leading to inner peace!


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