We Are All Created Equal!

I believe all people were created equally! With a purpose buried deep inside their soul. Me…you….all of us! We ALL have a purpose that God created us for. And it is our job in life to find what that purpose is and to live it! YES, I believe we were created with INTENT!

I do not believe that we were randomly created for no other reasons than to eat, sleep, work and do it all over again. I guess some people do not agree with me.

I want nothing more than to encourage and inspire others to believe they have a purpose and then to discover what that purpose is!! To have the courage to LIVE their purpose filled life! I want people to believe they have a purpose in this life! A purpose that will create such passion and fulfillment within themselves, that they will never again feel that their only purpose in life is to eat, sleep, and work! And do it all over again!

That is my wish, my prayer for today.