Are You Sleepwalking Through Life?

Are you aware of your great potential? Or are you, as I like to say,  Sleepwalking through life?  If you get up everyday and go about your life like it is just another day, like it is nothing special….. then I would call you a Sleepwalker! You are asleep to the beauty of each day and to your great potential!

You need to wake up! You have a purpose, we all do!  Once you wake up to the knowledge that you too have a great purpose in this life…..then waking up becomes that much sweeter! Something to look forward to! And once you realize what your purpose is, then things really begin to get interesting!

There are many people who are just going about the business of “existing” and not really Living their lives! You need to wake up in the morning with a knowing that today is going to be special! It is a good day! Say it out loud! Proclaim to the room that “today is a good day!!”   It’s the day that God said….”you have a purpose” and you need to go out and live that purpose.If you still need to find that purpose…that is OK! We all have to start there. It is a great place to be! Because that means you are now awake and ready to participate!

As long as you wake up each day and put one foot in front of the other, on the road to finding your purpose, then you are doing better than you did yesterday! And you are one step closer to finding and living your truth!  Congratulations!