Change Your Story- One more time!


We all have our story that we tell ourselves. It may be a great story, or it may not be. It could be empowering or it could tear us down little by little. We all have one. Our story is how we see ourselves. Our story is what we tell ourselves about what we can or cannot do. Our story is engrained deeply in our mind. It is what causes blocks in our lives, the roadblocks that keep us from achieving our goals. It is what causes our sabotaging nature to take hold. It is what causes our fears to creep up and stop us from taking that first step. Our stories, when they are not empowering us, are fear based stories we tell ourselves to keep us from growing and experiencing life.

You might have it all together, you may be reaching your goals with no problems and if so, Congratulations! I applaud your efforts, your strength, the courageous way you live your life! All I can say is that I hope you “pay it forward” not everyone has your abilities. You are in a unique position to be able to share your strengths with others. I hope you do. There is nothing more empowering than serving others. And if you have it all together, then you probably already know that!

Good news! You can change your story! With that in mind , if you are not there, if you do not necessarily have it all together, like a lot of us, if you need to try to figure out how to change your story…..consider this,when we think of others we can accomplish great feats! Think about it….if you have children, wouldn’t you do anything for them? If someone were hurting them…you would be there for them, you probably would not be held back by any fears of failure or rejection. Your family, your friends, the loves in your life…these are the people you will do anything for. There is no limit to your abilities. You will get the job done! Take that knowledge and know that you can do the same in any situation. Empower yourself with that knowledge. By the way, your abilities of courage and strength may come from other places, not just your family, that was just one example. It could come from your job or your school, it is anywhere that you are that you have the confidence to accomplish the task at hand, whatever that is.

When you do feel those fear based feelings coming on ( anxiousness, sweaty palms, upset stomach, desire to RUN, etc…) you need to use those same feelings to empower yourself and to give yourself a new story. When you feel the fear and say I cant…you need to take a few deep breaths then dig down and flip it around and say “I can!” Turn what you perceive as negative energy into positive energy! Remember the times in your life when you had courage and strength! Focus on those times and remember the adrenaline rush, it feels the same…it is a matter of how you perceive the feeling that makes it what it is! Be the fierce Lioness that you know that you can be! You can apply that same energy and strength in any situation, it is all about what you think you can do. In other words, your story!

So if you are always telling yourself that you are unworthy or irrelevant or fat or ugly or whatever your story is…STOP! Just stop! That is the story of your life that is holding you back! Tell yourself a new story! Make it as beautiful and as strong and empowered as you know it should be! Tell the story about the person who will fight for her family,her faith, her job or? Whatever it is…. it is YOU. Not 50% of the time…but 100% of the time it is you. We all have our moments when we feel less than powerful but we just need to remember it is our story and we can tell it however we want to!

If you think it sounds too simple…..well it is and it isn’t. These are simple words, very easy to say, easy to write down, and I grant you that it will not take great physical strengths to tell your story….but it is hard work and you need to be willing to take the challenge because your EGO will try to defend you from the change. When you feel the fear, your ego will jump in. It has decided, from many years of conditioning, that it is safe for you to be fearful and stay fearful! It will do what it can to keep you where you are- STUCK!

SO be aware….it may seem simple but it will take time and it will take faith and courage. But you can do it! Because you can do anything! Why? Because you are made in the image of God, YOU have HIS spark! And with God all things are possible! Period!

So go out and get yourself a new story! It’s FREE and available NOW!

*** To start telling your *new* story I would suggest that you write it down! Start keeping a journal, make a vision board, use affirmations. I do suggest that if you use affirmations that you also journal your thoughts. You need to get the new story in your mind, body and soul. Repeat it in detail, daily! Immerse yourself in your new story! Do not live with the old story in you anymore! And when it creeps up, and it will, just dig down and tell your new story. Repeat it over and over….say it out loud if you can! Your words are powerful and will shake up your old EGO. Keep doing it.

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      ** I try to live the story I want not the one that my EGO wants…everyday! 🙂


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