Thank You!

Today I returned from a very quick visit with my brother, I have not seen him in a long time!  Me and the rest ( most) of the family visited my brother this past weekend in Alabama. As a special treat we were also able to see long time family friends, Sandi and Vic Jennings!! All in all we had a blessed weekend.

My brother was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer 4 years ago……he is no longer in remission, so this trip was even a bit more special than it otherwise might be!

Today I am back home in Indiana and find that my blog has been nominated for 3 awards! WOW! I am beyond honored, humbled and very excited! I want to thank Mary over at GOD IS I AM.  for the nomination.  I only recently started reading Mary’s blog. I am always inspired by her poems, as I read her words, they speak to my soul.  If you do not know her blog, visit now!

The awards are

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

The 7X7 Award
The Commenter Award




Usually there are rules associated with the Awards, I am not clear on what the rules are for these particular awards, so I will do as Mary did before me!

I want to pass the first 2 awards on to 4 other blogs. I follow these blogs and always find them very inspiring!

The Commentator Award I will pass on to the person who comments the most on my blogs.


The Very Inspiring Blogger Award AND The 7X7 Award


Jump For Joy Photo Project

Serene One

Empty Words

When I receive an award I take the time to read through blogs that I follow and even blogs that I do not follow ( and then I am following more!) in order to decide who I want to nominate for these awards! I hope you take the time to check them out. Some share poetry, some are filled with Gratitude and yet others will bring you beautiful photos! What they all have in common is the ability to, at one time or another, inspire you!  Thank you to all of them for sharing their gifts!


The Commenter Award

Genie Speaks.

Thank you Genie for always reading and commenting! I so appreciate your comments as well as your blog posts!  If you have not visited Genie’s blog you must! She knows how to keep it real! **And extremely interesting!


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