Awake and Loving Life!

Yesterday I was looking at a picture on my Niece’s Facebook page. Here it is! I know it is a bit grainy but it is the best I have at the moment! Forgive me 🙂

In the picture is my sister-in-law, aforementioned niece’s mother, and niece’s youngest baby girl ( my great-niece).  Looking at that picture reminded me of a great moment in our family when the same niece had her first baby girl.  We all orchestrated a surprise first visit for my sister-in-law.


My sister-in-law, at this point, was so sad because she had not had the opportunity yet to meet her new, and first, grand baby! She had no idea what was happening when in walked her daughter holding her brand new grand baby! I thought my sis in law was going to have a complete meltdown! Who am I kidding?! She did have a complete meltdown!  LOL..not laughing at the idea of a meltdown….just giggling at the memory of how overwhelmed with love she was! It was fabulous!

Today I was thinking about this, it reminded me how important it is to live in the NOW…be present. Pay attention……look at what you could miss if you are sleepwalking through life!

***OK, my dear, dear husband read this post and decided that I need to add an explanation as to what I mean by “sleepwalking” through life.  I explained to him that most people who read my blog will know what I mean……but, for him, here goes…..

As I told him,when he looked at me with that glassy-eyed stare that said” HUH…whatchu talking about?”

“You know….those people who are always busy, busy,busy, playing video games, OR on the phone gabbing away, NOT paying attention at all, multi tasking in one way or the other,  always taking pictures…….. whatever! so that when you recall a good time, that they were present for, their reply  is something like ” Huh? When did that happen and why wasn’t I invited?!!?” OR “Where was I?!”   Those people are “sleepwalking” through life…not present…not paying attention….not enjoying their lives!  Get it?  He did!  🙂

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