Gratitude Rock

Have you ever heard of a Gratitude Rock?  I have a Gratitude Rock that I bought back in 2004. I got mine from a Christian book store, they had a bowl of them sitting near the register.  I decided to buy mine after a mission trip that I took to Mexico. While on the trip I learned about Gratitude,love,faith…etc…rocks.

In case you have not heard of them ….here is the scoop!

A Gratitude Rock ( and yes you can use them for other emotions such as love and faith, whatever emotion that you need to remind yourself to have more often) is a small, flat rock that will fit in the palm of your hand, small enough to allow your fingers to close around it. You carry it in your pocket. And when it is not in your pocket, at night when you go to bed, you should keep it somewhere near by, somewhere so that you can easily see it. In this way you will remind yourself to be grateful before bed and upon waking. If you keep a gratitude journal this will help you to remember to make an entry. Whatever your practice, this rock can help you to remember to practice your gratitude.  Because it is in your pocket during the day it will remind you to be grateful throughout the day.

If you carry this rock, eventually, you will spend your days having enough gratitude that you will have what Jerry and Esther Hicks would call a “Rampage of Appreciation!” Can you imagine what you would feel like day-to-day if you could bathe yourself in gratitude all day long? Well, if your hand falls upon this rock in the middle of the day ,at random times, that is exactly what will happen!

Also……this rock can be from your garden or a store or anywhere. It does not matter, it could even NOT be a rock! The point is it needs to be something small enough to fit in your pocket and close your fingers around !  And you need to take the time when you first get the object to attach gratitude to it. How do you do that? Take your object and sit quietly with it while thinking of gratitude. Take as long as you need, once you feel a deep down gratitude while holding the object then say something like ” Every time I touch this rock or see it, I will feel deep heart-felt gratitude” You need to repeat this process until every time you touch or see the rock you feel grateful! The feeling of gratitude is something that you can have at any time you want. Anytime! It is one of those things that is in your control!

My hope is if you do not already have a gratitude rock… you may go out and get one!

In Gratitude!



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