I’m SO Mad!

At the end of the day it is my choice to either A:Be MAD  or  B: Have a different perception of the situation.

My attitude is the only thing that is in my control.

Think about it……the object of my anger is not in control of me no matter how much I think it is. We grow up saying things like ” So and so made me so mad” OR ” So and so has ruined my day because she is such a brat” Or whatever…….. and our thoughts, such as these, are reinforced by the world around us.  Especially when, as children, our parents, friends,teachers, all come to our defense telling us how good we are and how bad the other person is. Now, I hope we all can see how I have really simplified that statement!! We all know that there is more to the situation than a parent or friend saying ” you are so perfect and they are so evil!” But for the sake of space I will assume everyone knows what I mean when I say “our thoughts are reinforced  by the world……”   {{SMILE}}

SO who can blame us when, as adults, we think that every Tom, Dick or Harry is responsible for our mood from day-to-day?  It is our societies way of thinking. As Dr. Wayne Dyer says…it is a MEME ! (A meme  is “an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.”)  Which means it does not have to be yours…it is your choice.


Your thoughts, your ideas, your attitude, your perception….these are the things that you are in control of. These are your choices, each and every day. 

SO choose thoughtfully, choose wisely!

But definitely choose for yourself!