Inspired Today……….

So I came to my favorite place to get inspired…Barnes and Noble! As I am sitting here I decide to read some blogs, yes I get the irony!

As I was browsing around I came upon  Dr.Jane Claypool’s Blog, you can check it out by following the link. Dr. Claypool is the Founder of the Center For Spiritual Living in Carlsbad California.  Reading her current article has given me the inspiration needed to share something with you.

It is not a big deal really….it is a habit that I have, or a ritual??  At any rate I thought if I shared it you might  find it to be interesting or it may even spark an idea to begin a similar habit of your own.   Or….it could just be interesting! {{SMILE}}

If you follow my writing then you are aware that when I awake in the morning, as I put my feet on the ground, I thank God for my “being” one more day! It has become such a habit of expressing my gratitude that whenever my feet touch the floor, even if getting up to run to the bathroom, I utter these words of gratitude! It is what it is and after all these years it is a beautiful habit. But there is another habit that I have, maybe more of a ritual, that I have never really shared with anyone.

When I leave the house each day, as I sit in my car and before I drive away, I ask God to keep me safe and to let me be a blessing to someone who I may meet today. I do not allow myself to drive away until I have done this.

I ask God to keep me mindful that each person has the love of God in them and to let me remember to be blessed by that and the connection that we all share. I humbly pray that I shine so brightly with God’s love that others may see it and I in return will see their light. I also take this time to ask God to bless each and every person on my mind or prayer list. No I do not say each name, I just ask and God knows.

I ask God to surround my car with a hedge of thorns to protect me and others while I drive and to put angels in my backseat. More times than I can count I look in the rearview mirror and see those angels, 3 of them, sitting there… rearview mirror is filled with strong beautiful angels who are sent to protect me and others.  Sometimes there are a few more riding on my rooftop! {{SMILE}}
I find that by practicing this ritual it keeps me counting my blessings each and every day!  In my mind I think….what a better way to start the day?

P.S.- I forgot to mention that as I drive away I look at my house and tell God what a beautiful home He has given to us. I am so Grateful!