ACIM- A Random Lesson

Lesson 195

“Love is the way that I walk in gratitude”

I ran across a website that has a “lesson a day” online. I picked a random lesson. They give an account of how they interpreted the lesson. These are some of the things that I got from what they wrote. I know for a lot of people ACIM is a very hard read! Maybe it will help someone out there if I break down what I learn after reading a lesson. Today I use the interpretation from this website , tomorrow I read the actual lesson on my own and will break it down for you. And I will continue to do this on a not so regular basis! {{SMILE}}

I find it interesting that the lesson that I randomly chose today was one on forgiveness!  If you read my blog you know that is my #1 topic of discussion!  God is always reminding me that He is present.

You will see, again if you read my blog, that my writings/beliefs follows the same thought process as the interpretation that I read online, which is why I chose to use their version for my post today.

So here are some of the things that stood out for me about lesson 195-

1. Love makes no comparisons

2.Comparison is a reflection of unforgiveness

3.It is impossible to “compare” what is one ( if we are one there is no “comparison)

4.Each time you recognize that others are in need of giving love just as you are….your forgiveness or “oneness” is strengthened ( see others as created by God in search of His divine love)

5.Everyone is born with the need to give love. But the world makes it hard by separating us from God, the one who is love. So we spend our lives looking for a way to give that love….( very similar to my previous post on “Filling the void”)

6. Forgiveness is the means in this world to remove the barriers that keep us from love ( God)

7. If you can look beyond your disappointment, beyond the hurts….to see the love you share with ALL,  gratitude can fill your heart. If you can look past the disappointment and hurt and accept this, then you will lose your need to defend yourself, or to compare yourself to others. You will be filled with the love that is God. You will no longer be separated.You will be full. And grateful!

8.Love others as you love yourself. Look beyond their imperfections, as you would want them to look at you.

9. Accept God’s love as being all there is and all that matters ……..then you will be filled with gratitude. You will walk in gratitude.

10. Have peace in the knowledge that what God creates nobody can change.  The only person that can separate you from God is you and even still…it is there. His love is always there.