Is Raw Food The Answer?


I have noticed in the last year or so that I am somewhat “scattered” in my thinking. I want to write, meditate and continue to grow spiritually but I seem to have a harder time these days in “calming” my mind. This calming of my mind, I have come to realize, is of the utmost importance if I am to realize my goals.

I find it is almost impossible to stop my mind long enough to meditate. I know meditation is important to my goals. I need to be able to have that special quiet time of the day to connect with God.  I need to be able to make sure that my connection is clear because I am depending on Him to guide my writing. If I can’t get quiet how then am I to hear His guidance? Good question!

I have had the opportunity to study nutrition and specifically women’s health issues this past year. Because of this knowledge I have been slowly changing my eating habits and nutritional support program.  I know that nutrition is key in my health and definitely in my brain function.

I am 49…. we all know at this particular age a woman will probably go through a significant amount of hormone balance issues. Well…..I think I am there! Hello!  In a perfect world I would sail smoothly through this period and enter straight into the amazing second half of life that is awaiting me! I know that a woman in my position has the opportunity to tap into magnificent knowledge and wisdom! And I want it!

I realize this “scattered” feeling that I have these days may well be the fact that I am …the age that I am!

I have been thinking in order to optimize this period in my life that it would be a good thing to start eating to live rather than living to eat. And to nourish my body the way that God intended me to. I want my mind as clear as it can be!

With this in mind I have decided to eat a 75% raw food diet. I am not sure if my ultimate goal is to go 100% raw, right now my intent is to support my body the best way that I can. I already use Isagenix to support my body nutritional. I use a cleanse and I drink a meal replacement shake. I now am going to add another meal of raw foods to my program. One meal a day will be light foods, they will or may be cooked.  So you see this will not be a 100% raw food program.

I have found a wonderful website that is helping me to learn all about a raw food diet! You can visit this website here.

I am hoping that this is going to help clear my mind! That it will allow me to get a closer or easier connection to God.

I’ll keep you updated!

Peace ~ Christine


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