Anyone who knows me, knows I have certain ideas about organized religion. I feel in some cases it can be so beautiful.  I also feel in certain cases it is so judgmental…….I have a hard time being around it.

And I was no better in regards to my thoughts on religion and some religious people…..

I used to judge them for being that way; now I pray for them and remove myself when the burden is too much for me to bear.

Recently my daughter posted this video on my Facebook wall. I really like it. And wanted to share it.

What do you think?

***BTW…I am not in need of a lecture, as helpful and well intended as you may mean it,  on why I am wrong for my feelings on religion. That would be some of the “judgmental” behavior that I refer to.

We all have our thoughts…we are who we are. I am good with that! I hope you can be too!  I love you all! I love God…I love Jesus! I love me! All is good……..