A Letter of Gratitude to my Father………

Dear God,

Thank you for today. Thank you for allowing me yet another day to awaken and rejoice in the day that You have made. Lord….I have thought recently that my life is hard. I have found recent events in my life have made me feel a little bit overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed enough that I had to take a few steps back and chill! I thank You Lord for allowing me, in these times, to remember that I can take a few steps back and chill! I thank You Lord for putting me on this path that has taught me how to handle situations, such as these, as they arise.  I thank You Lord, as a good friend pointed out, for not testing me per say but showing me how much I have grown these past few years. And I thank You Lord for placing that friend in my life so that he could speak up when I needed to hear it.

Lord, in your infinite wisdom You have placed people in my life at the perfect time! People to help me walk this walk that You have chosen for me.

Lord, thank You for allowing this perfectly placed woman to come into my life……. not just mine but so many other life’s, to show us all what true unconditional love and forgiveness is all about.  Lord if  I have ever doubted or if I ever DO doubt You, I pray that I always remember this time in my life when the impression of your hands can be seen and felt all over my life and the life of so many around me.

Lord, I have asked you for miracles over the years. I have prayed to you to show yourself to the world and let them know your existence! I can recall prayers of “not understanding” why you could not just show yourself,  You are GOD after all!! I thank YOU Lord for showing me and so many others recently that You are in control and we should never doubt or forget.

Lord, I just wanted to thank You today. I have so much to be grateful for and I do not want to forget it. And beyond that I want the world ( or my small part of it) to know all about it!

Thank you!