To every thing there is a season…..

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Maybe I have not started my “self-love” affirmations, but I have been praying and meditating for God to show me any hidden areas in my life that need to be cleaned up. As in needing to forgive others or myself for certain things. It may be things that occurred in 2011 or they could be things that have been lurking around for a lifetime!

The timing of the matter is not what is important, what is important is to understand that there can be things hanging around in our subconscious mind creating havoc in our day-to-day life.

It may seem silly but I know for a fact that I had to forgive my 4th grade teacher! I realized that I was hanging onto junk from way back then! Can you imagine? I knew I thought about the situation on occasion, after all it was a pretty traumatic experience for a child, and truly since it culminated in a midnight run to the ER, I guess it could be traumatic for anyone!  While I realized it was an “event” in my life that I would not soon forget,  it did not occur to me that I may need to forgive her for the part she played in causing that run to the ER.  But I did! And I have! And it is genuine and heartfelt. I feel pretty good about it.

Are there things in your life that could be causing problems? Causing obstacles which are stopping you from achieving life long goals? Do you have unfinished business that you are letting define who you are?

I talked to someone this morning who felt by forgiving someone it was as if she were “giving in” to  the person who did her wrong. While this is probably the most common reason for people not wanting to let go of  anger, it is not true! At the point when we forgive, the truth is, it is more about us than them. It is about letting it go so that we can have a life free of their junk! When someone does us wrong it is about them, it is their issue really so why are we carrying around all this crap that is causing problems in our life….. when it’s attached to the “thing” that the other person did? It is their crap! Give it back!

There is a season for all things and this includes emotions. I am not saying that your anger is unfounded or unjust or that you are wrong for having it! I am saying that if you are angry at someone who did something long ago then it is time to consider that the emotion should have run its course, time to consider letting it go. It’s season is over or should be. You have fallen into a pit full of emotions and it is defining your life!  Anger as any other emotion needs to be acknowledged, let to run its course, then  be done with it. It does not mean you are telling the other person that they were right or it was OK to do you wrong!

It just means you love you more than you hate them.…………

** we will talk about “hate” at a later date!  🙂

Peace and Love ~ Christine


2 thoughts on “To every thing there is a season…..

  1. Good blog Chris! I deal with this every day. Sometimes when I think I have forgiven someone I find that I have picked that up again and looked too closely at the hurt and need to forgive again. Putting down hurt and not allowing some one to have that power over you is an amazing process. I don’t thing we are capeable of true forgiveness without the power of the Holy Spirit working in us.


    • Thank you for visiting my blog Patty! I agree with you! The power of God knows no limits! And forgiveness is such a hard thing to deal with in our lives!
      I hope you continue to visit my blog!


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