Do I Have Low Self-Esteem? Part 2

As way of apology I offer you this beautiful picture of my backyard! I took it during a snowstorm last week!

I know you are expecting to hear all about my experience thus far with the self-love exercise mentioned in “Do I Have Low Self-Esteem? Part 1 !”

Sorry to disappoint!

This is just me taking a moment to tell you, if you are interested, that I have not even began to practice the affirmations or self-love recognition….. I apologize! I know by now you thought I would have something great to report but life just got in the way! I have continued my morning of gratitude that I have practiced for years now…but nothing new!

I know…I know….you were depending on me to let you know just how fantastic the practice worked and how it is changing my life! I will start soon enough. Really I will. And I will blog about it…..truly I will! You will see!

Until then…….

A tidbit

Unforgiveness= toxic!  To really live you must let GO!   Try it!  ** I know it is not that easy but remember “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”…………………ahhhhh!        Peace~ Christine


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