Christmas Past……

Children grow up and Christmas changes……….. this is what I am pondering today.

A passing away of a life I once knew. This too I am pondering.

It does not have to be a sad event. It can be the beginning of a new chapter in my life! It is the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

It is just that I was not prepared for it. It happened so suddenly or so it felt as though it did. How is it that I have 3 adult children and 7 grandchildren yet I sat alone on Christmas morning?! I do have a husband but he was snuggled in bed sleeping………. I was alone.

I guess, as I realized that I was truly alone, I had a bit of a pity party!  I think I am entitled, as entitlement goes, to feel a little sorry for myself.  There are new people in my children’s life that take them away from me. Not just significant others, but the significant others families. So…I felt lonely! I mean…I have never…yes….never been alone on Christmas morning! Not entirely! I have always had one child or another with me on Christmas morning, but not this year. Other people’s traditions took precedent over mine and YES for that I felt bad!  30 years is a long time to do something in this life!

What I realized is I may feel slighted, set aside, forgotten or I may feel as though nobody wanted to spend Christmas morning with me, but what really matters is I realize this is a passing away of a life that I once knew. It is the passing of a life that I knew for 30 years!! And now I need to open my arms and welcome the new life. I could sit and continue to feel sorry for myself! But WHY?

Yes my life and my Christmas will be different, is different……….but I need to make the best of it. I need to count my blessings. I always say to get over something or to feel better it is important to think of others.

So my husband and I went to church Christmas morning and then we drove into town to get a coffee. We were happy to not be able to stop anywhere because every place was closed! And we were blessed to be able to give a helping hand to a man needing to get home to his family this Christmas morning!

So…..there might have been a passing away of life as I have known it, but the life and blessings that God has given to me can’t be counted!  I welcome the new life that HE has given to me. ** just remind me of this if I start to slip back into my little pity party!

Bless you all! Merry Christmas!

One thought on “Christmas Past……

  1. It is a new beginning, embrass it for you and Doug will lovingly move into the next life phase! What a blessing! Much love to you. And if you slip, I will remind you. xoxo


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