Blessing In Giving

It has been a long week. As we head into Christmas I am taking the time to look around me and count my many blessings. God is so good to us….to me. It is never ending! HE allows me to help others and for that I am truly grateful!

In 2008 I Founded a charity that assists single parent families, it is called Blessing In Giving. It is a small charity. Each year we help a handful of families with various expenses related to running a household. Usually our clients are single moms, we have had a father or two.

Each Christmas we have the pleasure of helping a family or two. One Christmas we helped 10 families! This Christmas we are helping 2 families. We delivered presents and gift cards to a disabled mom and her baby boy today. It was really a good thing.

I am at a loss as to how I can fully express  the way that this makes me feel. Let’s just say that I cry….not a lot but enough. Yes they are tears of gratitude and wonder but they are also tears of……sadness? at the lives I see, the challenges that I see some people going through. It is hard to stay detached enough to stay with this.

And a very interesting thing is happening with my little charity… You see, almost 2 years ago a local family needed a headstone/funeral expenses paid for their baby boy. Our charity was approached to help them out and we did. We raised money and donated the money they needed to finish the payments. Of course I wrote about it in my blog at I write about everything that happens with us….events, fundraisers, different families in need. But for some reason this generated a lot of interest and applications. To this day we get an application at least a few times a month from families who have lost a baby and need a headstone. I am pretty sure this is something that most people do not think about and do not realize there is such a need for.
But there is! And whether I meant for it to happen or not ( I did not) I am pretty sure in years to come we are going to become a very large charity for funeral expenses and specifically headstones for children all over the world!

Think maybe I am reaching here?? Consider this….Sunday I received an email from a mom in Kildare, Ireland in need of a headstone. She found our site and applied…… her baby girl passed away at 9 weeks old almost 2 years ago and they still can’t afford a headstone.

It’s going to happen whether I want it to or not….God seems to want Blessing In Giving to be the charity to assist families in need when they lose their baby. I knew that would be a component of Blessing, I just did not realize it would be this.

Merry Christmas!


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  1. Blessing in giving was inspired by God. You listened to what God wanted you to do. By giving to others just as Jesus did, is the blessing. I’m so happy and excited to see this foundation grow. God is always using you to touch others lives. It’s my blessing to help you as well. – xoxo


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