Prayer Time……..

This morning as I prayed I felt something special. I felt closer to God then I have recently. I remembered so many people, so effortlessly this morning. It felt really good to be so deeply connected.  It was a quiet morning, a good morning for reflection and prayer. And something more……

As I have stated many times before, I have been on a spiritual journey for many years now, one that started long ago, yet I had a special awakening in 2007.  Since that awakening occurred I have faithfully followed the path that the Lord has set out for me, often questioning “why” and “what for” only to be told……”just do it” !  It has not been easy, but it has been rewarding on so many levels over the years.  As time passed I kept telling myself that I knew this path would lead to something and not just something …but something special! The gift that God gave me when I was born. The realization of what my life purpose is!

Well….today that gift…that purpose…. was the something more in my prayer time! I could feel in my gut that something was happening, I was getting closer. I was approaching the path in a different way today! I could sense a beginning, yet an end.

Well I was right. My gut was right and today was a special day! God has finally started to reveal to me what it is that I am to do! And I will not do it alone! He has brought to me special people that will help, that have the same heart and soul as I do.

Today was an amazing day! Today is not only the day the Lord has made, it is the day that HE began a shift and a revelation in my life.