Thanksgiving – Our Blessings

Today is the day we set aside to reflect on how blessed we are, to truly be thankful out loud.  We gather together with family, friends, and loved ones to share quality time, feast on an over-the-top meal, and tell each other how much they mean to us.

As I reflect today, it’s a reflection going back to the first of the year. All the things that have happened that I of course didn’t see as a blessing, but huge mountains and valleys; but now, I know in my heart it was God bringing me where he wants me to be! I wouldn’t have picked this journey. (smile) No one would. However, I am proud as I reflect in this moment, that God has chosen me.

Faith is something that is hard to explain to someone unless they have experienced it. It’s like explaining childbirth – there’s no way to explain it! You have to know. The definition of FAITH by the dictionary: Confidence or belief that is not based on proof. I have faith beyond measure. I know beyond a doubt that God is taking me, preparing me for something big for his glory. I can’t wait!

Counting my blessings today – I’m blessed beyond measure. My heart is full, happy, and surrounded by loved ones. You are a blessing!!!

Think of your blessings this year – even the mountains and valleys. Feel the love of you, those around you and the future that awaits you.

Love you – love me.

God Bless!