Reading Habits of the MASSES……

I find it so very interesting how people read and interpret blogs. I get comments from people on this blog and my other blog, which at this point is mostly this blog with a different design….I know..I know…I need to just be done with it already and merge the two, but I really LOVE the other design and am not quite sure yet which one I want to keep!
In case I have peeked your curiosity the other blog can be found here!

To get back to my point, I find that people will not, almost seem to refuse, to get to know who I am through my blogs but would rather pick one post and run with their assessment, non judgmental of course!, of who I am and how they GOD can teach me to be a better more spiritual person!

Please do not get me wrong here… if you are reading this post/blog for the first time and have not browsed at all……you may not know this……but I am a pretty fair, loving,honest,tolerant person…with a winning smile 🙂
I think if you want to read my posts to get to know me, find out who I am, then you have earned the right to make constructively critical comments. But to read one post, tell me you have read one post….. and still think you know me well enough to tell me how I can fix ME, how I can be a better person…well my goodness! I do not know how you can even make that call, not that any of us should ever make that call about another person. Now…if you would like to make a comment about the post topic and give your opinion view, I think that is a great idea and welcome all comments….but maybe we can leave the criticizing of me as a person until you really know who I am 🙂 See cause here is the thing….I am a very diverse person with, well lets just say I have a lot of layers.… if you read my blog you will see that and may find there are some things you agree with and some you do not, and that my friend is what makes the world go round! ***AND yes…getting comments, both good,bad, and uglyyyyy are what makes the blogsphere go round too! I know and really…in the end I am OK with that!! I just needed something to write about before I headed out today 🙂
Anyway…. IDK…..what do you think? LOL