Do you pray? And if you do what does prayer mean to you? It seems as though some people feel about prayer kind of the way they do about Santa……. what can you bring me? I will be good if you give me this or that…. I don’t know, I am not trying to say that these people are bad for how they pray, after all prayer is a very personal thing. And I guess there was a time when my prayer life was like that too and I don’t think I was a bad person, but I do think that I had a lack of understanding! I also feel I did not have a deep and meaningful connection to God. I treated God as though he were this great Grandpa in the sky granting or not granting my wishes!

My prayer life these days is much different, I don’t know that I actually ask for anything in particular at least not in the way that I did when I was young. I mean I don’t ask God for anything….I do recognize that it is HIS will and all will be good no matter how it goes. I come to God with petitions for health and guidance…often…. I never bargain with Him….now I am pretty sure there was a time when I would have taken that course of prayer with Him. I do not do that any longer. It has taken me years to get to a point where I am peaceful with the fact that everything happens for a reason….. My biggest prayer today is that when the day comes that I am faced with my own personal tragedies, that I can remember everything I have learned about me..about God… and why we or I am here. That is my most earnest prayer!