God is Love…….

It really is that simple. Today I felt rather simple ( OK…no jokes!)…….my soul is singing today that isn’t it awesome to know all we need to realize is God = Love.  That is it…..love. Why do we want to make it harder than it is?   If we love then we know God. We are loved by God and we  should strive to give unconditional love to others. Our happiness will come easier if we learn unconditional love. Happiness is not about the things that we possess, of the materialistic or human kind, it can’t be….it must be about love and in order to experience unconditional love we must first know forgiveness. Forgiveness for ourselves as well as for others.

Everyday I pray that the Lord will show me any forgiveness that needs addressing in  my life. It can hide in your heart, it is sneaky like that! It can hide so well that you think it doesn’t exist…..but it may and one day when you least expect it you may get hit in the face with this “thing” that apparently rules your life. Funny thing is that it can wreak havoc on your life in a daily way and you may not even be aware of it and probably are not.

Our EGO stops us from admitting this let alone dealing with it. Our EGO may recognize the problem but it will always tell us that it is about the other person! If only they would apologize.…then life would be sweet! That darn EGO will keep us from experiencing the life that God wants for us. So once again I am back to “forgiveness” as a tool to learning what your soul’s purpose is. Seems it always comes back to this. That is why I think my daily prayer of asking God to seek out and show me any forgiveness that I may need to deal with is a good one! This will be something that I will do for the rest of my life…..not that I do not plan on evolving to the point of unconditional love but because I never want to be so arrogant as to believe that I am above the weaknesses of human nature. I am human and therefore I am susceptible to the weaknesses…… but I do pray that one day I will know the sweetness of feeling unconditional love for the world and everything/everyone in it!   Oh Lord…I feel that love so much of the time….what will it be like when it is 100%? Maybe not to be experienced until I go home one day….. but I will take it any way that I can get it!

My prayer is that you too will know unconditional love in your life! To give and to receive, now wouldn’t that be heaven on earth?