Obstacle? Or Learning Experience?

As Wayne Dyer says in his book “You’ll See It When You Believe It”  Every obstacle is an opportunity! As I grow in my own “self” I discover this to be true…not like I doubted Dr. Dyer!! but you have to live a thing to really know it…..and I am really living it!

When I woke up this morning I read the a fore mentioned book and happened to read about every opportunity being an obstacle….oh excuse me!! LOL  I got that backwards…..Freudian? I don’t know! Anyway……I read this and then went over to a family members house.  Let me read part of what Dr. Dyer said in the text that I read this morning…..

“Today welcome any disorderly or unpleasant behavior toward you from other people, as an opportunity to remind yourself that they are only talking to your form. Know that they cannot have your divineness unless you choose to share it with them, and then, perhaps for the very first time, you will be able to see the divineness in them, inside the form that is being unpleasant to you. ”  And then….” Today, see how many times you can take what would have been an uncomfortable reaction within you and transform it into a blessing for yourself and the other divine being as well.”

Ok..so you probably think I am going to say that I had an uncomfortable or unpleasant experience at my family members house today…but no, it was not that type of an experience, but it was emotional, intense and in some respects a bit disorderly! LOL  Whether it is an uncomfortable experience or just an emotional experience in general…you can let others drain your *peace* and your energy and as a result be of no help to anyone…..I remembered what I had read and decided to try and keep my calmness in tact so as to help my family to understand more about what was happening. I realized that my getting wrapped up in the emotional..ness of the moment was not going to help anyone and I wanted this situation to be a blessing to me and her. By remembering this passage I did just that…..well I think I did! LOL It certainly was a blessing to me…I felt like I was able to help her and that we accomplished that without too much drama! I think in turn that was a blessing to her.

So…obstacle or opportunity? I am going to try and remember this in the future so as to try and react like an obstacles is a pathway to a blessing ……rather than a problem!  🙂