Encourager is who I am….who are you?

I mean…I am more than just an encourager but being an encourager is what makes me happy, it is what  I am passionate about. I love sitting down to listen to someone and hear what they want or need and then to encourage them. For me…there is nothing better that I can imagine doing with my life.

We are all born with something inside us that needs, at some point, to come out and that something is what makes us tick, what makes us happy and whole…it is what God gave to us when He created us and no…no if you have not discovered yours yet you were not overlooked, but for most of us it is a process uncovering what our “something” is. That is normal…..it can take years to uncover what our gift is and sometimes…sadly….we die with our something still in us under a lot of layers of “stuff” .

Do you want to live your purpose? I know that I do! I think that you do as well!

This process according to my experience takes time…but it does not need to take as much time for you as it took for me to figure things out. I think that is why God allows free will and why we have so much tribulation ( some of us) in our lives……so that after we live our trials we can turn around and go out to teach others what we know, what we have learned. No…it does not need to take you as long as it did me…..but it does take desire, patience and  plain old”sticktoitness” !!  You cannot give up!! Because the minute you decide to give up is possibly  the minute that you were on the brink of a major breakthrough!  I have heard it said that you need a breakdown to have a breakthrough…so don’t give up! When things get tough…well just keep pushing forward!

So where should you start? First thing, in my humble opinion and experience that needs to occur for you to start your journey towards learning your souls purpose is to “forgive”….forgiveness is not for the person who you are forgiving it is for you. It is not necessary for you to go to the person you feel offended by……heck if you want you can write a letter to them and never mail it or better yet…BURN it!  the point is to admit it in your heart and then forgive. This is not something that you should rush through and it is not something that you will probably uncover in a day or two…it takes time and a lot of soul searching! Once we identify the who we need to forgive and the why…..then we need to set about really doing it. This is not something that you should take lightly, this is serious! You need to be honest with yourself about everything and then forgive and “let go and let God”

If you can do this then you are one step closer to finding your purpose. Unforgiveness is like a wall between you and God! And guess what? God holds all the answers! SO you do not want any walls there, you want a strong connection between you and the divine!

So….get started on the soul-searching and the forgiving……then set with it for a week or so…..do not rush through this…digest it, absorb it, own it and then let it go.

Peace be with you!