A Course in Miracles……

Recently I have been thinking a lot about finally opening up the book, A Course in Miracles. I bought this book a few months ago at Barnes and Noble, and it has sat on my night stand ever since. It is a bit daunting to look at, I mean when you crack it open and glance through, well the words are sooooooo deep and …ummm….deep……that you..or at least, I, just put it back down and move on to something that is easier to digest.

I reason with myself that I bought the book with the intention of going deeper ( there is that word again) into myself…so “deep” is a good thing and yet I just keep putting it off.

So I decided to crack it open today. 1/12/11

The first take away that I have is that when you are ready to read this book IT will be ready for you. Period! In my opinion it is not any more complicated than that.  Any other time that I have picked the book up and looked into its pages I have quickly grown glassy eyed and felt extremely tired….ready for a nap! Anything but to continue reading or attempting to read this book! I felt that I was just not evolved enough to absorb what the words on its pages were trying to divulge to me. Now though….. I do not think that’s  it at all, well at least not really. I think we are all perfectly capable of absorbing the wisdom that this course offers, but we may not necessarily be in a place within our personal journey to really understand it yet.   I am sure there are people out there that managed to get through the pages of this book and  years later read it again only to feel as though they never even saw the book before.  Me…well…I could not get past the obligatory glance to get down to any reading before wanting to fall asleep!

But that all changed today! I picked it up and not only did the pages start to impart their wisdom to me but I found it oh so interesting! Gone are the “glassy eyed I want to take a nap” days of not understanding to a world opened up before me that is full of miracles!! It really is very interesting.

So I would say to you, if you have felt that this book was beyond your understanding…keep an open mind! You never know at what point you are going to be able to pick the book up and as Helen and William received their miracle ( of these writings) oh so many  years ago,  you too will receive your very own miracle and be able to understand the wisdom that this wonderful book is offering up to you!

So go….buy the book, set it on your night stand, glance at it from time to time and every once in a while crack it open…..read a few words…if you get glassy eyed and tired, by all means put it down and try again another time. Rest assured that when the time is right the book will be there for you…..so that you too may benefit from all the wisdom within its pages!

When the student is ready the teacher will appear~Buddhist Proverb

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    • Hello!
      Thank you for visiting and for the comment! YES…ACIM can be hard. I think when we realize that we are lifelong students, who will never master nor stop learning from it…I think it gets a little easier! Maybe takes some of the pressure off! LOL
      I also think a group is an awesome way to really get into ACIM. I need to find me a group!



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