Winter Solstice

Did you know that the Winter Solstice lasts only for a moment in time? I always thought that the Solstice was something that occurred for an entire 24 hour period.But no…it is not.  It is fleeting! The Solstice may be a moment in time but it is also the first day of winter therefore it is the shortest day and longest night of the year!

And this year we not only had the Winter Solstice we also had a total lunar eclipse! That is something that has not happened in the entire 110 years since they started keeping records for such things!  I read on Twitter this morning where someone said we have not had a total eclipse during the Winter Solstice since 1703!

So there may be something to why I am feeling so surreal the last couple of days! I cannot shake it…I feel like I am very..ummmm IDK…”not of this world” kinda feeling. I know that sounds strange but I do not know how to describe the feeling. It is strange!

Has anyone else been feeling really strange for the last couple of days? I would love to hear from you!