Stop Fighting the Stream….go With the Flow!

In 2007 I started a journey which would lead me down roads…into valleys and onto mountaintops so high that I felt I could soar!  What was I looking to achieve with my journey? I wanted to discover “who” I was and what my purpose here on earth really is. That is easier said than done AND once you embark on that journey I believe that you open up a whole other door to a whole other world!

Before I began my journey I was a typical person, I believe, just living my life trying to get from day-to-day as best that I could and relatively happy while doing it I might add.  But there was an emptiness and of course, like many westerners, I found it said that the emptiness was probably a void left by my not having the relationship that I needed with God. A good relationship with God should fill the voids in your life, the voids that all of us feel from time to time.

Well I attended church on a regular basis and I felt pretty good about that, I tried to help others as best that I could and felt pretty good about that too.  I joined a few of the organizations at my church and you guessed it…I felt pretty good about that………..until one day I didn’t any longer. I did not really know what it was, but the one thing that I did know was that I was beginning to have a bit of a sour taste towards the Christians that I spent time with, why? Well….to make it short I felt that there was a lot of negativity and falseness surrounding the church, at least my experience with the church. Quite frankly it was depressing me and I did not even realize it. I think I was letting it affect my relationship with God. So I guess it was a pretty good assessment that my “void” was created from a lack of God in my life.

What did I do about it? I made a life changing decision to leave my family and church and set out on a quest to find  myself. The “quest” lasted for about a year until one day I had an epiphany and needed to go home. So I did.   Obviously there is a lot more to this story than I am able to go into in one small post here on my blog….but the end result is the same…I had a major…life altering epiphany and it led me back home.

So off I went with my new attitude and life so full of God that I knew it was all going to be good. Well….about 4 or 5 months into this homecoming I realized that I was still not on the right path! I started devouring self-help books and attending seminars. I read and listened to as much self help…new age….positive….stuff that I could possibly listen to in 2 years and it happened.  What happened? I started to feel the shift. I had been on this journey for almost 4 years and several times within that time span I thought I had arrived, I even spearheaded a charitable cause during this time which I thought was IT…but I never did arrive..I never did find that I knew in my gut that I was there. I kept evolving and it really bugged me!!

On Dec 20, 2010 I really felt the shift. I keep using the term “shift” because  one of the people who I listened to a lot and read and as it turns out watched during my transformation period was Wayne Dyer. His movie  The Shift really had an impact on me, I wish I could say that everything changed after watching it but I cannot say that, it just would not be true. As I said my shift took place after years of studying and evolving, there was not one particular thing that I can point to as the reason or cause that the shift started to occur. Sorry…

It is true, in my opinion anyway, that your life is like a stream and you should not resist it. Whether it is good or bad you need to go with it and let it pass. You need to embrace your life for what it is and thank God that you are here in this world able and ready to take it on the way He intended for you to. You need to wake up and see with the eyes that God gave you what your true meaning here on earth is and move in the direction of your dreams. Having a hard time figuring out what your true meaning in life is? These are some of the resources that I have used over the years to help me understand, stop fighting and embrace who I am.

remember this….

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it!~Aristotle

What I am trying to say here is no matter what you believe in, no matter your faith, you should be able to read anything, entertain the veracity of it and either discard it as not in your believe system or use it to benefit your life. Do not be so intolerant and closed-minded that you miss the gold nuggets within the crap!


Dr. Wayne Dyer

Doreen Virtue

Tony Robbins

Mike Dooley

These are just a few of the people who have helped me along the way…..I will add more soon.


2 thoughts on “Stop Fighting the Stream….go With the Flow!

  1. I am very sorry to read that you have been frustrated with the Church at large and the people in them. It seems to be the most common theme in your blogs. I know because I have been reading them. I guess I am a little confused; are you upset because they are “judging” you (Matt. 7:1-5), or because of something else? I hope you won’t mind our fore-coming dialogue but, as you’ve said you are a spiritual person and seeking spiritual things, this should be intriguing to you.

    I confess I am more than a little alarmed how often you keep mentioning the Church and “Christian Judgement” – has the judgement been so bad that you cannot forgive? If you feel unable to pardon those who have hurt you, forgive me for judging, but the Word is clear about the ramifications of that (Matt. 6:14-15). I urge you to read Matt. 7 in it’s entirety, but specifically verses 1-5. I don’t see where it says that judging is out of the question for Christians (this is still the sermon on the mount so He was still addressing His followers), but that our judging other Christians with whatever we choose to measure them by will in turn be the same stick, if you will, used to measure us. It is a cautionary statement, don’t you agree? Not a commandment. Judging the actions of our brothers and sisters, in turn, allows for accountability, which brings Truth, which brings repentance, which brings about the righteous life God desires and straying lambs back to Him. Judging about whether a person is saved is another matter, and one that is best left for God; with that said, He does say we will know them by their fruits (Matt.7:15-20). God and God alone can pass eternal judgement. But He has given us freedom, nay, purposeful personal responsibility to tend to the flock through “sibling” accountability. He doesn’t seem to mind if we like it or not. It is for our collective benefit; not for our personal comfort.

    Also, how do you expect your attitude toward your brothers and sisters is pleasing to your Heavenly Father? How will publicly criticizing the Church (not a particular building but the possessive form) at large bring glory to the Father? I am sincerely curious since I’ve never seen this approach bring anything but strife and conflict. Strife and conflict are on the list of things God hates (Prov.6:16-19). Is it possible that loudly pointing out the offenses of your brothers and sisters to an entirely unknown audience shows the world that we really are united in Christ?

    As your sister, I am quietly urging you to re-read Titus 2. My desire it to encourage you in your walk with the Lord and take Scripture just as it is written, with all modern thought and speculation removed. His Word is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Heb.13).

    Also, I would greatly encourage you to re-read Matt. 6. Maybe just start with Matthew 5 and read through chapter 7 for the whole sermon. Although I find it most beneficial to read the whole chapter when applying one verse, I am particularly interested here in Matthew 6:1-2. But that is a topic for another day.

    I pray blessings to you, dear sister, as you seek His face. May you seek only His face alone in all the days to come.


    • Hi Denise!!
      Welcome to my blog! I am happy to hear that you have been reading! I have been a little slow lately in posting but will be posting more soon. In response to your post, which was a very lovely and thoughtful post, thank you for caring! But in reply….I hope I have no unforgiveness in my heart and if I do I pray often for the Lord to make it apparent to me. I did have a period in the past where I had hidden pain and anger towards the church, my home church in particular. And these posts are more of a look back and also an observation of what has happened in my life.
      It is what it is and it was my experience. We all have to walk our walk and I pray that I continue to walk in the light of our Lord and know that if I face anger or anything that makes my connection to God less than it should be….I pray He will help me see the error of my ways and guide me back onto the right path!
      Thank you so much for the encouragement Denise!! I loved hearing from you and hope to again in the future!


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