Dear God…..

Oh yes…Dear God save me from myself! I am my own worst enemy!

What is it with this mind that you have given to me? Why is it so fickle? Why is it that one minute I can feel so confident about a situation and then BLAMO….total insecurities! What is with this mind? Why do I over analyze things? Ya know if I could just try to stop…accept what it is that I think is the best in the knowledge that it is YOU giving  me the thought ….maybe things..overall would be better? Then on the other hand…sometimes my experience is that when I analyze and over think a situation the decision that I ultimately go with ( usually not my original thought) turns out to be a great decision!! So what does that mean? I wonder if my original GUT thought would have made for an even better outcome?!?! ( yes I am aware that I am doing it again)

If I look at what I have been studying for the last 3 years, what I have been taught is to go with your instincts because when you feel it strongly in your gut it is God…your angels….source….telling you it is the right decision. If it feels bad in your gut then..again….God ( whoever) is telling you to stay away from that decision. Makes since so why can’t I do it??? 100% of the time?

Cheerio?!  🙂

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