Today….I have a question!

I was wondering today about judgment.

I am a Christian. I attend a church regularly, well let me restate that, I attend a church most Sundays. Up until…oh about 3 years ago I attended church regularly and was involved in everything I could be involved in at the church.  Why did I start missing a Sunday here and there? Honestly….I got sick and tired of the judgment that I saw day in and day out. I started to feel as if most of the Christians that I knew felt like because they are Christians it gave them free license to judge…BUT they do not consider it judging and if they did admit to judging it was justified in the name of God. Really? Well…I cannot take it anymore. At least not each and every Sunday.

I started talking to other people, people who have fallen away from the church, to see why they had fallen away and what they felt about the church. There seemed to be a common theme in the stories that they related to me. Stories of hypocrisy and judgment that they felt surrounded the church and their church families.

And so the question……

What causes seemingly good people to be so full of judgment,intolerance and hypocrisy?

Do you have any thoughts on the subject? I would love to hear from anyone on this subject!

Ohhhhhh Don’t worry! This is not the end to this subject!  Cheerio!