What is My Blog About?


Yes…there is Life..laughter and lots of love included! This is my journey to discover my soul!

It has been an interesting life! Kinda crazy…sometimes scary….at times wild…..and then we even have the BORING! OH and let me not forget the “crisis” soul searching…gut wrenching….God blaming….crisis!  I want to put it in writing and thought what a better place to do that than right here, on it’s very own blog! The star…my life!

This is my journal of life. I will revisit the past…I will be in the now and I will visit the future.

It is my life…. so what experiences do I have that I can talk about with great authority?!?! What will my blog include that will tempt the literary palate of my readers? LOL Yes..you! Yoohoo!!! Are you out there?

I have been on a journey, probably for my entire life I am sure….but for the purpose of this blog it has been since 2007. That was the year it really began, this journey of mine! Here we will talk about that. My life…my spiritual journey…my valley’s and my mountain tops. It will all be looked at ……dissected. After a time you will begin to see the evolution of a spiritual soul and you may also see the maturity of a human being. I do hope so….on both accounts.

I hope that this will interest you and I hope that you will come back time and again to check up on me and see what is happening in my world.