Gun Control will not Stop all our Problems! We need a Return to Love.


**I could easily have titled this post “Our Society is Broken” but I felt more people would read it if it said “Gun Control…” ?**

YES we need to look at our gun laws, not to disarm innocent law-abiding citizens,but to somehow look at these laws and see why they are failing to keep guns from those who should not have them! Ohhhhhh but see, that in itself is a huge problem! We will never keep guns out of the hands of those who want to do harm! They will find a way!! Are we so naive as to think we can eradicate guns from existence?  That will not happen.  So what in the world can we do?!?  Seems hopeless…….

Our society is broken and will not be fixed by simply implementing more gun control! While our laws are not working, obviously, and can stand for some looking at, this is not what will fix the problem.

Our problem is on a consciousness level.  Our people are broken. I should say so many of our people, not all. We need a return to love and that includes tough love.  We need stricter consequences as well as learning to treat each other better! And we need to teach about personal responsibility!

Should we look at gun control? Yes. We need to make sure the mentally unstable can’t get their hands on guns, but truth is no matter what we do there is always going to be a way. Sadly.  But we can do our due diligence and we should do that.  We should not hear stories of how some child or mentally unbalanced person got their hands on a gun in what seemed to be a legal way by mistake.  No. That is unacceptable and needs to change.  Consequences at the sale level.  And consequences for criminals in general needs to change, get the innocent and misdemeanors out of jail and make room for the real criminals! Jail reform and police/judge reform?  I know most of the people who commit mass murders end up dead, like 99.99%  and in these cases consequences would not matter or would they? At some level consequences (during formative years)  for right and wrong make a huge differences and will/would have a ripple effect in the long term on a consciousness level.  If that makes sense.  I am just saying we need to start raising our children/our citizens to learn right from wrong! By implementing strong consequences and personal responsibility as a way of teaching in the home, with consistency, our children, thus our citizens will be raised to understand the gravity of human life. Knowing right from wrong, reality from fantasy, the gravity of human life, this can make a difference. Being raised with respect and learning the importance of giving it and learning what it means to earn it.  And learning to take responsibility when we make mistakes; from the smallest to the biggest they all matter, especially in the formative years!

We all need to learn to practice love. Love for one another. If you think the lack of love in our society is not contributing to out current problem, think again. There is a psychological warfare going on out there and it starts at birth! With some people it begins in the home and continues on the playground where the child is reinforced with the thought that in the great scheme that is life he doesn’t matter, right or wrong he seems to lose, and there is a game to play not a life to live. We all become pawns in the game that is this persons life.  Do you think love could have made a difference? Well maybe one person loving him at home may not have been enough, maybe, but it could have been. But what about a society that is brought up in love and respect and extends that wherever they go? Do you think that could have made a difference? I do.

This is that ripple effect and I believe it is where we really need to do the work. We need to see reform from our local law to our federal, from our crooked apathetic politicians to our apathetic parents, and let’s not forget our churches and those who fill their pews, there needs to be an infusion of humanity, sacred and filled with love for there to be a shift.  Gun control laws alone will not make the difference we need to see.

Yeah I could go on and on about this subject but I won’t. And many of you may think I am over-simplifying things and I will respectfully disagree. I do think love can change the world and definitely think it can change this issue. Would it take time? Yes! I am not proposing magic (although I feel it is pretty magical) I am proposing love, pure unadulterated love for one another.  And more love, respect, and consistency in the home and at school.  More love between adults to show as examples to children.  Our children need examples of love but sadly are being raised around a lot of hate.  Hate, lack of discipline, lack of consistent good examples, why are we surprised that we have a problem?  I believe if we raise our kids in a place with love, respect,consistency and accountability we will see the changes we need to see.

This is not just about changing the way we raise our kids, it is about loving one another. In order to create a more loving environment to raise your kids in we must love one another.  Stop all the fighting! Grow up and learn to stop sweating the small stuff. Teach your kids to be grateful and to love one another for who they are and to see beyond the differences.  Teach your kids to love themselves.  And to teach them self-love you must love yourself first.  Ripple effect.  Examples.  Actions speak louder than words every time!

**My prayers are with all those affected by the recent shooting in Oregon and with all those affected by gun violence or any violence.

Change the Way You See Your World…..


For me the world has changed subtly for the last 8 years and maybe not so subtly for the last 3 of those years! When I began my journey down this road I had no idea where it would lead me, what I did know was I could not stay on my current path. So I began a new journey and oh how the world has changed.

Practicing Gratitude has created an entirely different world for me and I think for those around me. If you asked those who know me best, I believe you would find they would tell you I have had a shift in the very essence of who I am. I know that is sort of deep and maybe the truth is you can’t change your essence because that would be your soul, so let me clarify that what I am trying to say is that while maybe my essence has remained the same, technically, it has come to the forefront of my Being! I am fully (maybe not fully) the person I’m intended to be; the one God intended. I was not this person when I began my journey! Practicing Gratitude has opened up a whole new world and a whole new ME.

Yes, my essence has become more who it’s supposed to be. And dare I say I am not finished? It is true, I do not think I’ll be finished until I draw my last breath. I will forever continue to grow, change, and become closer to that Being God intended!

And I am loving the journey!

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

images love

Love is the way by which others will know you. John 13:35 “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

Lately I have found myself in many conversations with people from all walks of life, people of faith and those with no faith in any higher power. These conversations, of late, seem to be taking on a pattern of love.

We seem to be talking more and more about love and what it means to society; specifically what love,or the lack there of, means to people of all faiths. Or better- what it means to non-believers when they see people of faith exhibiting, what looks to them, to be a lack of love for others, even hate. This is so important a subject to me and my friends (acquaintances) that we need to put aside our worries of what others may think and have this conversation.

PC Conversations
In the world we live in today we see a lot of overly sensitive people who can’t seem to hold a conversation, especially if the conversation is critical of them or their ways, or just a difference of opinon. We are a world of overly sensitive PC corrected-ness people. Afraid to offend anyone, even if what we have to say is about love.

What do I mean? Well, I want to be able to say (usually through writing) that it leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I see/read someone doing or saying something, in the name of God, that is mean-spirited or lacking in love! And that is from me, a person of faith for many years now, one who is strong in what she believes and won’t be rocked by the actions of others. What it does to non-believers or new believers is another story! One which I take very seriously. I want to be able to say, when I see someone invoke the name of God to bash a particular group, that I think not only is it wrong, but I think it does exactly the opposite of what we are here to do- we are here to lead people to faith,but our behavior drives people away from faith…. all faith!  It seems to me that any time I open my mouth in a public forum to say “I think showing intolerance in the name of God is wrong and counterproductive” I get bashed! I’m going to hell because apparently I’m a sympathizer! I’m soft! I walk the middle of the road and that is a dangerous place to be! I find that funny, because I thought I was exhibiting unconditional love. I didn’t know that was wrong. You love the sinner not the sin; right?

It Can Be So Subtle
I know people who speak hate filled words, criticize others and have no thought of it being wrong. They just feel they are doing their “religious”  or “morale” duty! They read things like this and think it is not about them. Or just feel I’m wrong. Sometimes this behavior can be so subtle that they don’t even know they are doing it! But aware or not; others will see it. And maybe even worse is that the ones who will see it may be the ones you’re meant to influence; the ones you are meant to lead to God.

In Love I Say

I just want to say, in love, that when we bash others, when we criticize, when we can’t help but to be intolerant of differences, it does not invoke love and it doesn’t matter how many times you say you do this in the name of God; hate is hate. Love is love. There is a difference, you can put a mask on it and call it religion, but the truth will be seen by the people who matter; the very people you are here to lead.

We’re supposed to lead by example.

WWJD indeed!


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