Sometimes the lessons we need to learn in life have to be painful- it is like we will not get it through our thick heads (MY THICK HEAD) unless it causes some sort of pain, anger, frustration! Recognizing that we are in the midst of a lesson sure makes it a lot easier to get through! Of course on the flip side of that is- if we do not recognize it as a lesson, well that makes the pain all the worse!!

In the past I have had a hard time with validation from loved ones; friends and family alike. And I know a lot of you out there experience this same type of problem. It took me years to let it all go and realize I do not need validation from anyone but God. And for you who are non-believers, you still only need validation for YOU by YOU…right? At least this is the way I see it- because unless we see it this way we are always going to be expecting things we will not necessarily get!

Not all of us are fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who actually can get out of their own little bubble long enough to truly encourage, support, or even notice what is happening in our lives. AND WE CAN’T LET THAT DEFINE US! Because IF WE DO then WE are defined by frustration, anger, sadness, feeling devalued, feelings of “not being enough”…..all of that! That thinking will get us nowhere in life!
Our feelings may be justified, but we need to let it go anyway! It is not serving US and it certainly will not allow us to serve anyone else!
So let it go my dears! Let it go!
It is funny….my theme word for 2015 (vision board) is Courage and Faith….seems it should have had a theme phrase… I seem to be saying “let it go” a lot this year!!
2015 the year of “letting it ALL go!” That which does not serve ME, or HIM, will not serve others! And that is my goal! To serve others……

Bigger Than ME….. Bigger Than Everything!

god is for us



I am feeling small tonight! But not in an insignificant way, no, I am feeling small in the sight of God. HE is bigger than anything I can see or imagine and for some reason, tonight, I am feeling that, I mean …feeling it deep down!  Deep, deep down in here!

I live every moment of every day with the wish to show others what a life devoted to God means, what it looks like. I know many people have left the church, and even God, because of bad feelings, because of being treated poorly by people who professed to be Christians; I know this is true!  Knowing this I have tried to walk a line, a very thin line, where I could make all people feel welcomed and safe- to watch, listen, hear and hopefully ultimately feel safe enough to come back to the arms of God.   Sometimes I feel that thin line is a betrayal…but I know it is not because He has shown me that there is a significant need out there, people who are falling through the cracks, and it is going to take patience, kindness, and unconditional love to bring them back. To let them feel the love and hope of God once again. And I know not everyone agrees, there are so many stories out there, so much pain.  But I want you to know above all else; I love you!  There is nothing untrue about that! And I feel by sharing and teaching gratitude, forgiveness, love, encouragement….I am doing the best I can to fulfill my service to Him.

Now I do not ask that you believe what I believe, I do not ask that you do anything against your will, all I ask is that you give me a chance, give love a chance. Love can conquer all! It truly can. And respect me enough to know regardless of whether we have different beliefs, I love you and I say nothing to offend!  Let us show love to one another!

Look I respect you, I love you! All I want is the same love and respect in return. And yes, I expect to earn that! I believe I already have in many cases!

I would never try to tell you that your dreams, or your convictions are not right, or not worthy! We all have something deep down inside, driving us towards greatness, driving us towards change, creating change in this world…whether it be being the best mom or dad in the world or being the best evangelist or the best entrepreneur! Whatever it may be….I would never try and discourage you from your calling. And I want the same treatment…. this is my calling.  He has put this way down deep inside me and it took me years to figure out exactly what it was….but now that I am here I am unstoppable!  And all I ask is that we all respect and enjoy the ride as best we can!  <3 


A Peek, For YOU, Before I Share My Dream!

I want to share this with YOU.

I know The Gratitude Project is worthy of interest and support. I feel so strongly that I am beginning a fund-raising effort.  Below is the story I have wrote on DreamFund for my project.  I am hopeful others will find it worthy.  I have not formally shared it yet, I have the Dream Fund and a Go Fund Me account.  I have not shared either of them other than to mention it here and in my FB group.  I WILL be formally sending it out and sharing it soon.

Anyway I just thought I would share it here with you…now.   Please won’t you take a moment and read my story?



The Story

The Gratitude Project – Changing one heart at a time!

Mission statement-  To inspire others to live their best life through an environment of encouragement! Exploring and Sharing the subjects of Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Unconditional love!

My goal is to bring the Gratitude Project to the world! I believe this project has the power to change lives and I need your help to get the book published and the project off the ground!  If you believe that gratitude, love, and encouragement of others, are keys to creating lasting effect, please consider reading my story and donating!  Thank you.

I will give you some back story so you know where my heart is.

In Dec of 2008 I founded a charity by the name of Blessing In Giving, established to help financially assist single parent families. Over the 5 year period that the organization was running we helped many people and it even blossomed into an organization that began helping families who had lost loved ones (children) and did not have the funds to buy a headstone. I never knew this was such a huge issue. Anyway, we closed our doors in 2013 due to lack of funding, but I have never stopped wanting to help others. The philosophy that BIG was built on “help others to help yourself” is something that I continue to practice everyday. Being involved in that organization left me wanting more and it gave me a need to reach out and encourage others. I saw first hand how encouragement, love and a gratitude for what we already have, changes our lives and the lives of those around us.  And this is what led to The Gratitude Project!

If you are interested you can look at my writing – I have a blog  Our Souls Purpose (since 2010) that is devoted to gratitude, giving, forgiveness, love, kindness, etc….. this blog birthed another blog, A Gratitude Diva . 

I am in the process of integrating these two blogs together. I already have changed the name of OSP to The-Gratitudeproject 

The Gratitude Project is a book as well as a challenge group. (That is what this funding is for! To take this project to the next level)  I have created a 30 day Gratitude Challenge that is already taking place. The book will have a call to action where readers will be asked to join the Facebook group and take the challenge as explained in the book. I would also like to create a companion journal because part of the challenge includes writing in a journal.

The cost to get this book self published, do the website,etc…  everything involved to get the Project going is something I do not have.

The Gratitude Project is already proved to work and be of interest to others. There is a shift taking place, people are shifting to a place where they believe they have a choice in the matter of their own happiness and that their attitude affects those around them.  This is what The Gratitude Project is about, this is what it teaches.

Look I can go on and on about this subject! I am extremely passionate about gratitude and how it can change our lives! I have researched and studied this subject for 8 years;that is why I am writing a book on the subject! I want this book to make it out to the world! I see this project becoming something huge, a movement, that will have a ripple effect, a shift, create a change in our world.  Ultimately I do have a wish that this project  may lead to us being able to open Blessing in Giving’s doors once again, so that we may begin helping others in a financial way.

So there you have it! The Gratitude Project is more than just a book project! I want it to help many and I really feel it will, if given a chance.

How the money will be used-

$13,999 Balboa Press (a division of Hay House publishing) to self publish. Please use this link to see all that is included.

$5,000 for a professional website & maintenance to drive more people to the book and the challenge.

$5,000 for a data base driven App.

I am hopeful we will far exceed our goals and maybe we can continue fund-raising,or start a new fund,  for Blessing In Giving! But I will start with The Gratitude Project!

Thank you for reading! Bless you all!